Husband forbids his wife to go to family holidays until she loses weight

Husband forbids his wife to go to family holidays until she loses weight
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Sveta and Maxim got married 7 years ago. Five years later, a beautiful daughter appeared in the family.

Sveta believed that her family was unusually happy. The daughter develops according to the norm, almost does not get sick, and her husband has a good job. The family has its own apartment and car, Sveta is on maternity leave, takes care of the child, but her husband’s salary is enough for the family.

It turned out that Maxim had his own, not so optimistic view of their family. Not so long ago, he began to be shy about how his wife looks. After the birth of her daughter and the period of breastfeeding, which ended only recently, Sveta gained weight. An additional 8 kilograms may not be critical, but with a height of 160 it is very noticeable.

All native maxims are tall. Both the father and two brothers of the husband are distinguished by thinness, the wives of the brothers are also tall and slender.

Before pregnancy, Sveta, although she was small in stature, but this was compensated by a slender figure and large breasts. It was her physique that Maxim drew attention to during the first meeting.

Now Sveta’s body has changed and against the background of her husband’s thin relatives, she began to stand out even more, first of all, the girl’s stomach and hips, which significantly increased in volume, drew attention to herself.

Maxim admitted that he was embarrassed by how Sveta looks against the background of his brothers’ wives, tall and slender.

The man delivered an ultimatum — Sveta will not come to their family holidays until she puts her figure in order.

Most surprising is the fact that Maxim’s family loves lavish feasts, with a full table of heavy food and alcohol, but such a passion for food does not leave marks on their figures.

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