“Nastya, save me” — on the night of December 31, a neighbor knocked on my doo

I was about to fall asleep when I heard a call. My sleeping dog Nyusya got up from the mat and barked. I walked past the dog, looked through the peephole and saw my grandmother who lives next door. My wife and I live on the same floor. I left the apartment to find out what brought Granny to me at this late hour. Nyusya looked in bewilderment, she clearly did not understand where her mistress was going to go.

«What happened to you?» I asked my grandmother.

“Nastya, please help me,” she whispered.

» What happened to you? Does the son offend? I asked.

“No, not a son, three girls. I have no idea how to get them out.»

Girls? I didn’t understand anything at all. Goosebumps ran down his back.

“Maybe this is a manifestation of dementia,” I thought. However, just in case, she went to the apartment. And the grandmother continued her story:

“They came in the afternoon, sat with me for three hours, barely put me out of the door. I thought that I would rest, but they returned again.

The first thing I saw when I entered the apartment was three pairs of women’s slippers. I began to question my assumptions about dementia. It got creepy. However, there was no sound in the apartment. Complete silence. I went into every room. I looked into the bathroom, toilet and pantry. Didn’t see anyone.

“Probably dementia,” I returned to my original version.

I approached the old woman. She looked at me with frightened eyes that read childish fear.

«Nastya, save me. How can I drive them away? she said softly.

I have never had such a situation before in my life. Dementia is scary. A couple of years ago, an elderly woman lived with me in the stairwell, who also suffered from this disease. She could stand at the door for several hours in a row and call the police. She screamed right under the windows and interfered with sleep. There is nothing to blame the old woman for, because it is not her fault that such a disease overtook her in old age.

I walked through all the rooms and pretended to drive out non-existent girls.

“Get out of here quickly,” I yelled.

Then I took my grandmother through each room and showed that there were no strangers in the house. After that, the old woman calmed down, and I went to my home. That night I didn’t sleep until dawn. Thoughts about the old woman did not go out of my head. I believe that the children should be close to her, but I do not have their contacts. Especially not the fact that they will take care of the old woman.

Grandma came back recently. This time she asked to be driven out of her apartment by a girl and an armless young man. I explained that no one could enter her apartment through the walls. Showed the latch. However, I am afraid that these actions will not give a long-term result, soon the old woman will again be overtaken by an attack of dementia.

I don’t even know what to do in this situation. I’m sorry for my neighbor.

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