The spouse’s parents decided that they would live in our apartment

My parents are not poor people: they have not only an apartment, but also a dacha and a kopeck piece, in which my husband and I now live.

Now my father and mother have decided to give my husband and I also a three-ruble note, and they also plan to help us financially make repairs in it.

My husband’s parents are financially weak, they live in a tiny town, near the regional center. They have a dacha and an apartment, but since these buildings are rather dilapidated, their total value is much lower than the total value of my parents’ property. In addition, they are attached to their city, as their elderly parents live there and need care. In the future, they plan to sell all their property and move to live closer to their son. My husband’s parents gave us a one-room apartment for the wedding, which we are now renting out.

Between me and my spouse’s parents there was a relatively even relationship. It is clear that my husband and I are very grateful to my parents for their help. We try at least sometimes to help the spouse’s parents. However, the relatives of the beloved help us in any way they can and occasionally give us small presents. My parents and my husband meet on holidays, on such days we arrange family feasts.

The other day my husband said that he thought of talking to my father about his parents moving into his kopeck piece when they decide to move to our city. They would sell all their possessions and give the proceeds to my father as rent. He believes that this is the best way out of the current situation.

However, I intuitively do not like his plan, I can’t even say for myself what it is. I wouldn’t want my husband to bring this conversation up at all. This apartment is legally owned by my parents and they can do whatever they want with it. No one knows when the spouse’s parents will be ready to move, and my parents may need the money in a year.

I believe that my parents are not obliged to keep housing for my husband’s parents, because I already feel uncomfortable because they do so much for us. It all smacks of consumerism to me. My husband was brought up on the principles that if there is something in the family, then it is common; from this we can conclude that if they have got richer relatives in the person of my parents, then she is obliged to help them. However, I think this approach is completely wrong.

And what do you think, which of us is right in this situation — me or my spouse?

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