I was just joking when I told my husband’s relatives that if I want to babysit a small child, I’ll just take their child. And now they want to leave their little baby with me for the whole weekend.

Most recently, my husband’s relatives had a third child. They invited us to visit in honor of such an event.

There were a lot of guests. But only my husband and I were a family that had only one child. And the rest of the invited guests had two, or even three children.

Masha and Andrey, who gave birth to Yegorka and whom we came to visit, considered themselves very experienced parents.

For some reason, they were not stopped at all by the fact that they did not calculate their strength, and it would be very difficult for them to raise a third child.

The eldest son of Masha and Andrei generally went to his friends. He said that it would be better if they bought him a new jacket and jeans instead of a holiday in honor of the birth of his third child. And their seven-year-old daughter said that it would be better if her parents bought a new doll instead of a brother.

I really did not like it when mothers attacked me, who demanded that I give birth to a second child as soon as possible.

I could hardly restrain myself from saying everything that I think about this. And I just don’t want to count every penny, I don’t want to hear from my daughter that she needs something.

Why would I torture myself and my daughter if my husband and I can’t afford a second child?

I think that children should be properly provided for.

  • If I want to play with a small child, then I’ll just take the baby from you! I said jokingly. I was sure that everyone understood that it was all just a joke. But I was wrong. Two weeks later, Masha called me and said that they wanted to go to the city for the wedding of their friends. They take their two older children with them, but a three-month-old baby will interfere with them, and therefore Masha decided that they would give Yegorka to me for the whole weekend!

“I’ll bring you bottles and formula!” And you buy diapers for the baby! Masha told me.

I was just dumbfounded by such arrogance and surprise. Of course, I was not going to take responsibility for someone else’s child, especially such a small one.

I breastfed my daughter when she was little, and I don’t even know how to prepare mixtures and how to boil bottles.

I honestly told Masha that I was just joking and I would not sit with her little son.

Masha called me selfish. She said that she was counting on me a lot, and I let her down so much.

«I didn’t promise you anything!» I said that when I want, then I will take the baby to me! But so far I have no such desire!

But Masha will never calm down. She wrote about it in our family chat, and all the relatives began to write nasty things about me. I learned a lot about myself.

It turns out that I am very bad, because I refused to help a mother with many children with a baby.

At first I wanted to leave the chat, and then I decided to do otherwise.

I wrote that I am really selfish. And then I asked: which of the relatives is ready to take a child with them for the whole weekend, buy diapers for him and look after the baby while his parents are walking at the wedding?

And what do you think? All relatives immediately had urgent business, someone fell ill sharply, someone was immediately called to work.

At least I honestly admitted that I do not want to sit with someone else’s child. And other relatives just started coming up with stupid excuses.

No one took a child for the weekend.

And I understand why: just no one wanted to take on such a big responsibility.

I believe that no one should help Masha and Andrey. They are already adults and knew perfectly well that a small child is very difficult and expensive.

I understand why Masha decided to have a third child. The thing is that the mother-in-law always took care of the eldest son of Masha and Andrei: they still lived together then. When Masha gave birth to a daughter, the mother-in-law also helped them a lot.

And now the mother-in-law has become old and she herself needs help. She simply can no longer help Masha and Andrey with their third child.

Only now Masha realized how difficult it is to be a mother of a small child.

Now Masha was offended by all the relatives and herself left our family chat.

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