«You do not love me at all!» Where does insecurity in a loved one come from?

Anxious attachment manifests itself depending on the emotional closeness of the partner, if there is a deficit and detachment all the time. As a result, there are suspicions, insecurity and fear of being alone.

A symptom of such attachment is claims that there is absolutely no attention from the partner, he is busy with his hobbies and does not want to spend time together.

Relationships are built on many principles. One of them means the division of responsibilities for partners. Naturally, the basis of a strong alliance is the ability to interact and make mutual efforts. Mutual responsibility rests with the two partners. For example, raising children.

Everyone has their own level of earnings, but one person voluntarily pays all items of expenditure. In terms of education, this is not possible. A child needs both parents. Neither of them can replace the other, no matter how hard they try.

There is also such a zone of responsibility in which everyone performs his role. Here the presence of a partner does not affect in any way. This includes education, self-realization, self-development. This is the personal space of each of the partners. It allows you to live a fulfilling life.

However, people who suffer from TTP do not manage to live in this format. They need the constant presence of a partner. This is the case when, after 15 minutes of separation, endless messages begin: “Where are you?”, “How are you?”, “When will you return?”

How does such an unhealthy attachment come about?

Scientists support the theory of biological attachment. It originates in the relationship between the baby and the mother. A similar principle works in romantic relationships.

The second place in the formation of dependence on a partner is occupied by personal beliefs. They can be imposed by adults, friends, girlfriends, relatives, movies, books.

What threatens such an anxious attachment?

As a rule, people who are prone to anxious attachment are insecure. Their will is suppressed, and self-esteem is underestimated.

If a girl calls a man to the cinema, but he prefers to work, because he does not see anything interesting in the film that is shown, then she immediately begins to suspect her partner of a lack of feelings.

When the psyche finds itself in a state of uncertainty, it seeks a solution to the situation. The girl begins to find out the reason for the reluctance to go to the cinema with her, and the man does not understand what the essence of the claims is. Exactly the same problem arises when a man has an addiction. Only now his woman is not ready to hang around with him in the garage or watch football.

Relationships can break down because one partner is addicted and the other doesn’t know how to help.

How to behave if a person has TTP?

Anxious attachment itself is not a dangerous disease. Such people simply need more care and attention.

Psychologists advise not to ignore the human desire to achieve the truth. He is waiting for the partner to say: “I love you”, “I am with you” …

Now it is very important to give your partner certain answers so that the person can calm down.

You can simply remind your loved one about your feelings, because for him it is especially important. Try to spend time together. A healthy emotional state of a partner is an important part of your relationship.

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