The mother of the spouse and his sisters do not allow a normal life, but he does not react to this in any way and believes that this is how it should be

Our wedding took place about ten years ago, so our marriage is quite long, I can’t even understand how I could get along with my spouse for so long. The husband was not alone in the family and it turned out that his mother gave birth to two more girls who had already started their own family, but they only did what their mother told them and could not disobey her, because they were not used to being independent.

When my mother-in-law and I were just getting to know each other, Yegor’s older sister was already married and it seemed to me at first glance that I would make very good friends with my husband’s family, because they communicated closely and did not find fault with me about what I can and what I can’t . We then had a nice talk with them and discussed our further plans for a life together with Yegor. As a result, we planned the wedding, it went well enough, but the mother-in-law looked only at her husband and all the wishes from her were only for her son. I was very offended that day, because almost all of his family believed that I should only give birth to children to Yegor, and then you can divorce me.

Then I gave birth to a son and quit my job to sit with him all day, and my husband began to do military affairs, like his dad, because he always looked up to his father. I had to stay at home alone, but during this time I was able to find remote work and without my husband I would definitely not have disappeared. I have already come to terms with the fact that I, as a woman, should stay at home and protect him, as well as raise my son.

When I got tired of raising my son, I hoped that at least my mother-in-law would help here, but she was always busy with something, although I did not know what women at fifty-eight could be busy with. None of their family and father-in-law were interested in their grandson at all. I didn’t even know why. They could call me once every ten days, talk for five minutes about the weather or what I do at home, and then again say goodbye for ten or even more days.

But when one of the wife’s sisters cried that she did not have time to take care of the child, the father-in-law immediately ran to her house and did everything so that their beloved daughter could take a break from her own child. And while the grandmother was sitting with her grandchildren, the daughters could go and walk around shopping centers, buy new things for themselves, but I didn’t have such an opportunity at all. I rarely even left the apartment to buy food, and I forgot about taking care of myself since the moment of giving birth.

As a result, a couple of years ago, my husband’s mother woke me up early in the morning and said that she couldn’t sit with her daughters’ children, because her head was splitting, and I was sitting with my son, so, in theory, I shouldn’t have problems with other people’s children. I thought I was yelling at my mother-in-law right during a telephone conversation, because I don’t have time to work at my remote job and I don’t have enough time to keep track of my own child, and they also want to bring my two children here on Saturday and Sunday.

I had to agree, although at that time I was very angry with my mother-in-law, who at that time went to the pool with her daughters, and then they went to restaurants for the whole weekend, I found out about this on the Instagram of one of my husband’s sisters.

The mother-in-law could call once a day and say that her daughters were very busy, although I knew where they really were and they had no work on weekends. As a result, after the weekend, my husband’s mother called me again at five in the morning and said that I myself should bring these children to the homes of my husband’s sisters, because they want to see their children as soon as possible, but they are not going to go to the other side of the city in their own cars .

I was shocked, because I had to drive at least two hours to the house of one of my mother-in-law’s daughters, and then an hour and a half to the second house and the same amount of time home. Because of them, at the end of the day I didn’t have the strength to do anything, I just wanted to sleep. I thought that my husband’s sisters would at least feed me breakfast, but, having taken their children, each of them only said “Bye” to me, and then closed the door in front of my face.

Then we also continued to communicate only once every ten days, but suddenly something happened again and I had to sit with the children of her daughters for another five days. I was tired of it, so I said that I was not going to do this at all and hung up, and the reason was that I myself did not have enough time for anything.

As I expected, my husband’s mother started yelling at me and revealed her true nature, she called me all sorts of words. It turned out that I didn’t fit her Yegor at all, according to her, he could find a more worthy girl who was ready to help her mother-in-law in any situation. I’m not going to tolerate people taking advantage of me. I also said that I think about her. I realized that in vain I thought so well about my husband’s mother and I shouldn’t have contacted her initially, since she deliberately behaved in this way in order to use me in the future, but I thought that it would be once, but it turned out not.

After that incident, they started ignoring me.

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