The wife did not want to confess her infertility to her husband. And then her grandmother told her a story

In total, there were five of us in the hospital ward, my grandmother says, five women who will never have children again for one reason or another. Only one of those present already had a son, but the second pregnancy did not work out. We supported each other, said words of approval, and at night each of us cried. All grieved about their female fate. Worst of all was Eva Petrova, who had just turned 30 years old. We tried to calm her down, but to no avail.

Once, when the morning procedures were over, we were having tea and chatting about something, when Eva burst into tears. We looked in her direction, and she stood at the window and watched something. We wondered what could have upset her so much. The manager was walking in the park, and her children were next to her. They chatted merrily, the son led his mother by the arm, dressed in the military uniform of a Suvorov cadet.

Eva was inconsolable, so the manager came to the ward at the request of the nurses. She said that she would soon come to us with a very entertaining story that we would all like. But first, finish your business. In the evening, her husband came to Lida, who did not yet know the whole truth. After all, he believed that the meaning of life was in children, and Lida realized that when she told the truth to him, he would leave her. So she kept silent.

Well, good evening, my sweets. — says the manager, who entered the ward. Lida’s husband got up to leave, only she stopped him to listen. — When I was already in my fourth year, I met a cadet — handsome, tall, stately. Everyone fell in love with him without exception. But his choice fell on me.

Three years later we got married and lived happily ever after. Years passed, but we did not succeed in having children. Then my colleagues began to advise me to go to an appointment with a well-known doctor. He confirmed my fears — I was infertile. The husband had no face. And I felt guilty towards him.

After that, we didn’t live happily ever after. My husband was about to leave me, saying that he could not bear to be in a house where children’s laughter did not sound. Divorce followed. I got a job in an orphanage with wonderful kids and a friendly team. There I forgot about my double grief. Some time later, a colleague of my husband, Major Penzin, knocked at my house. He always acted shy. But at the same time he retained his dignity. Maxim said that he always liked me, but he never decided to get to know me better.

After so many years, he did not forget me and loved me as before. And then the moment came when he decided to come to me. He found out about my divorce, so he waited for the pain to subside. I listened to him and did not know what to do. And Maxim left without receiving any answer. He visited me several more times, trying to prove that his intentions were serious. I was tormented by doubts. After all, Maxim could not know about my diagnosis. I decided to confess to him the reason for our divorce. I didn’t want to, but what can you do.

We got married. Soon they adopted little Pasha, our first-born, whom you saw through the window today. Two years later, he was adopted by Vadim, who still do not know that they are not our relatives. I hope for your discretion. You took it into your head to envy my maternal happiness, but at the same time did not think that happiness lies in your hands.

None of us uttered a word. We digested what we heard. The doctor continued her story. When the war started, I went to work in one of the front-line hospitals. Many times I have heard from outsiders who are raising my children, who began to grow up without a mother. And now you are cowardly, crying. You need to pull yourself together and think, maybe now you have the opportunity to make happy not only yourself, but also the crumbs who were left without parents.

After these words, the manager left the room. And we continued to sit in silence.

Honey, can we adopt a baby? — Lida said embarrassedly, — I won’t be able to have my own children.

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