At 45, Lena still spends all her time at the institute, because she devoted almost all her youth to work

Do you have your coursework ready? I was told that the teacher there knocks everyone down and only a small part of them can pass at least the lowest score … It seems that someone from the other group could not pass the course last semester, because that teacher always didn’t like something. I even had to change a few topics a week because of her! — Christina said with terrible and frightened eyes.

Marina, too, was somehow uneasy. That teacher hated her the most, and before each defense of her work, Marina did not sleep at night. Already in front of her office, I want to turn around and just run home. Those who studied in absentia were also not enthusiastic about passing their term papers.

She’s already walking down the corridor,” someone said quietly. Most of the students at that time already had a family, some even arranged weddings, worked, and still they were very afraid of this teacher.

Greetings to all, I will be very happy if at least today at least half of the students are well prepared for the coursework, so I will start looking at the list and calling people.

At this time, everyone was silent and hoped that they would be very lucky and that they would not be called at least that day. Elena looked at all the students, whose eyes showed pain and fear, and said:

Do not be afraid, I will definitely not eat you, you just need to prepare better. You can come up to me in turn and give term papers, ”Elena said and understood that she would have to check at least fifty papers now.

When the first girl approached her, at the beginning of her work there were already a lot of mistakes and she began to cross them out, sometimes writing corrections. She understood that this student did not care at all about the coursework and, most likely, found it on the Internet. Elena had a very strict family, which is why she grew up to be such a proud woman who can win over people.

Elena had a lot of different entertainments in her childhood, but most of all she loved to read books all day long. Her father always told her that it was better to be well-mannered than to go to clubs every day, like her peers. Lena already understood many sciences at the age of fifteen and could calmly solve work at the level of the eleventh grade, although she herself was in the ninth. Meanwhile, Elena already had to check the eighth term paper, but there, as usual, something off topic was written.

I’m tired of correcting every sentence! Elena shouted, “I wanted to teach you at least something during this time, but you don’t listen to me and only sit on the phone in pairs!” Don’t you need a good education to make good money? You, we could write excellent term papers, but you, as usual, missed all the important information past your ears. I am disappointed with you. I refuse to check the other thirty papers until you correct them properly, — Elena shouted and gave each of them stacks of papers in her hand.

After leaving school, Elena was able to enter a fairly good institute and studied there as well as at school. Parents always demanded more from her and wanted their daughter to also finish her studies at the institute with a gold medal, because everyone in their family was very smart. As a result, it was even easier for Elena to study at the institute than at school. While she studied all day and passed all the exams with excellent marks, her peers were already with their spouses and some could graduate from the university pregnant.

She did not understand how classmates could be so frivolous about their studies and not worry at all about their future work. She was only worried about what would happen to her after graduation from the institute, so over time she began to spit on her classmates. Elena did not even think about relationships in the next five years, because she wanted to succeed in her career and perhaps even create her own business.

How did you get this result? What items did you use for it? Why don’t you answer me? Someone did that coursework for you, didn’t they? Elena asked students who thought she would just look at the work and rate it. But suddenly something happened that Elena did not expect from a student, she named the objects that she used in this study. Suddenly, Elena looked at the girl and began to listen to her carefully, because she hoped that at least someone would make her happy today.

Her voice was very confident and Elena gave her a fairly good mark, because such a story interested her very much. — Great, you’re done, you excelled and completely independently wrote the term paper, I don’t even feel sorry for giving a four for it! Elena said with a smile.

Thank you, — Marina said and ran out of the office with joy in her eyes, because she was counting on at least three.

Already outside the office, the students were discussing each other’s grades, and Marina shouted out that she received four for this job. And the last to take the course was a girl who, most likely, was already in her sixth or seventh month of pregnancy. Elena already understood that it was possible to

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