Why did you decide that we have a boarding house for the elderly here? I don’t need her here…

I learned about this amazing case from my life from my grandmother, who lives in the village and I often visit her. Once I had to go to work abroad, and upon my return I immediately went to my beloved grandmother. I stayed there for a couple of days and notice that I don’t see a neighbor from the house opposite my grandmother. I have always been friends with this friendly old lady.

Bah, where did Lidia Petrovna disappear to? I have never seen her. Is she all right?

My grandmother was very surprised at my question.

Well, she moved into a nursing home about a year ago. I didn’t just write to you about it. — and after that, grandma told me a very entertaining story.

Throughout her life, grandmother Lida was a great worker. All the time she was doing something and all the villagers knew her as a hardworking woman. And she started cows, and baked pies for the whole village, and traded fruits. She took all the fruits of her labors to the market and traded them. For a long time, she put everything she earned into a box. She herself needs little — she wanted to help her son and daughter-in-law, their granddaughter was born. The son left for a long time. Only three hours of travel. Therefore, he visited his mother constantly. They didn’t give her any special help at the site, but they took food and other gifts of nature with them with pleasure. It happened that the car was loaded to the top.

Time passed, difficult times came for a woman, diseases overcame. It hurts his back, twists his legs and arms, the pressure goes off scale. She got rid of her living creatures, unbearable to work in the garden, gave it to her neighbors for processing. The son became less likely to visit his mother. And the daughter-in-law did not come at all. There is nothing to take from the mother-in-law. When Lidia Petrovna began to see poorly, she called her son and asked him to take her to the city to the doctor. The son came and took his mother away.

The daughter-in-law was not very happy with her mother-in-law, but was silent. Feed her, put her to bed. Grandma went to check it out. They went to the hospital, then bought medicines at the pharmacy. It was too late to go to the village — it was already evening. The daughter-in-law did not hide her displeasure either. An elderly neighbor came to them, the guest was delighted. She invited me to drink tea and chat. The son went to his wife.

Lyubasha, her mother has become very bad. She had so many ailments.

So, obviously, age.

So that’s what I’m talking about. Our son is an adult, he has not lived with us for a long time, we have as many as 3 rooms in the apartment.

What do you mean? Should I bring her here? Do we have a boarding house for the elderly here? I don’t need her here!

In case you forgot, part of the apartment was bought with my mother’s money, which she regularly gave us, selling cherries and milk.

Are you thinking of blaming me? She helped us, relatives.

I did not expect this from you, Lyubasha. That you are so cruel. After all, I wanted to take my mother, sell her house, buy a car for myself, you can relax for this money …

Damn that house of hers! — the wife shouted, — We’ll rest for a couple of weeks, and then I’ll carry the pots after her for the rest of my life? What am I, a nurse?

How can you do that? Are you out of your mind? And then he fell silent when he saw his mother come in.

There was an awkward pause.

Mom, how long have you been here?

Just now. I want to grab glasses, we are looking at albums there with a neighbor. Oh, I forgot to mention to you, I have already found a good boarding house, can you help me with my things?

The son was silent. But the bride began to fuss.

What are we talking about? We will come together and help you. This is the right decision, everything is better than the cuckoo itself.

They went to this boarding house, which left much to be desired. Of course, the employees are kind, attentive, the director is good. Only here the building is old, dilapidated, the furniture is antediluvian, from entertainment — one TV. The bed is uncomfortable, the chairs breathe heavily.

Mom, don’t worry, I’ll make repairs here for you as soon as they give you a vacation. We’ll be visiting soon.

The son remembered his promise only a few months later, when his mother called and said that in the yard of years, it would be time to put the house up for sale. He and his wife arrived, the director greeted them warmly, spoke warmly about the old woman.

You look into the rest room, most likely, your mother is there. With friends.

She wasn’t there. But since their last visit, everything in the nursing home has changed. The son and daughter-in-law could not believe their eyes.

Wow, what a beauty! New furniture, plasma TV. Who helped you so much?

All thanks to your mom. the director smiles.

Mom? Where did she get the money?

Where did the old woman get such money from? Darling, didn’t she sell the house without our knowledge?

Lidia Petrovna imperceptibly approached and stood aside, smiling. Relatives began to accuse her of selfishness.

I don’t understand — what’s wrong with you? I sold my house, not yours. She managed her own property. She made herself comfortable and at home. Why not help good people?

The daughter-in-law blushed with anger.

Still, it’s better to please good people and yourself than to hang yourself, right?

The daughter-in-law said nothing and ran out into the yard. Nothing could be returned…

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