“I’ll live with you, see how you take care of my boy,” the mother-in-law showed up with bags

I got married very quickly. My marriage lasted only six months. Exactly until the husband’s mother came to us, who, in all seriousness, came to live with us to make sure that her son made the right choice, and I take good care of him, a thirty-year-old boy. At first I thought she was joking, but what jokes are there.
My husband Maxim was from visitors. He himself was born somewhere in a small Siberian town, where he grew up, and after school he decided to move to the middle lane to study at the university. After five years of study, he did not want to go back to his native town, he already settled down here with us.

Before we met, he rented an apartment with a friend. It seems like he was trying to save up for something of his own, but for some reason it didn’t work out very well. At least, by the time we met him, his bins were not full of savings.

I have no housing or financial problems. I live in my kopeck piece, I have a stable job, I don’t depend on anyone financially, and I even try to help my parents. I won’t say that I earn a lot, but I have enough to live on.

With Maxim, we somehow became interested in each other at first sight. I was thirty at the time, he was thirty-one. Both are not burdened by previous marriages and children, which at our age is already worth a lot.

We met for about a year. He periodically stayed with me to spend the night, but I didn’t call him with things to move, and he himself was in no hurry. But then, nevertheless, words were heard about the seriousness of intentions, and we decided that it was necessary to check domestic compatibility, and for about half a year we lived together.

The results of the experiment suited us, so we decided to get married. They did not intend to do a wedding, they did not see the point in it. My parents congratulated us anyway, we sat with them in the evening, ate barbecue, drank wine, and my mother-in-law said that since there would be no large-scale wedding, she would come later to meet me and congratulate us at the same time.

We lived without grieving, everything was fine. After the wedding, Maxim did not suddenly relax and scatter socks everywhere or demand coffee in bed every morning. Everything remains as it was. But then his mother flew into our quiet family happiness.

Mother-in-law fell on our heads suddenly, like snow in July. I just called Maxim on Saturday morning and said that she was already at the station and she needed to be met. My husband and I both had eyes like cartoon characters. While he rushed around the apartment, trying to quickly get dressed and call a taxi, I frantically put things in order and tried to figure out how to feed my dear guest. I really didn’t want to lose face at the first meeting.

Having whipped up at least something to eat, putting things in order at home (I clean up just on Saturdays), I barely had time to change out of my pajamas into something decent when my husband brought his mother. She is a big and very noisy woman. She hugged me, cuddled me like a kitten, examined me like a purchase in the market.

I was confused by the number of bags that my husband’s mother brought with her. Visitors with such trunks go for a very long time. But I threw this thought out of my head, switching to the role of a hospitable hostess.

My husband’s mother immediately found something to complain about, but I took it philosophically, I didn’t even doubt that it would be so, I just hoped that she would take a closer look at least the first day. The weekend passed quickly — I had to accommodate my mother-in-law, then introduce her to my parents, listen to very entertaining stories from Maxim’s childhood.

I hoped that my mother came to visit us for a week or two, but three weeks had already passed, and there were no words on the topic «I’ve been staying with you, it’s time for me to go home,» something did not sound. The husband did not know about his mother’s plans either, but this situation did not bother him. The mother-in-law blew off dust particles from her son and constantly cooked his favorite fried pies.

In the end, I plucked up the courage and asked my husband’s mother when she was going to upset us with her imminent departure. But the mother-in-law only raised her eyebrows and said that she was not going anywhere yet.

“I’ll live here for a while, see how you take care of my son, teach you how to do it right, otherwise what I see upsets me,” my husband’s mother told me. And then a bucket of claims was overturned on me, what exactly I was doing wrong.

When I demanded from my husband to talk to my mother and send her out, Maxim began to say that this is my mother, and why offend her, she wants the best, but I actually have something to learn from her. We had this discussion for another two weeks, and at that time the mother-in-law was already completely settled in and began to command me, as if I had asked for it.

I couldn’t wait any longer and hope for a miracle. She pointed her mother-in-law to the threshold and asked to continue to coordinate her visits. She was very indignant, Maxim also tried to roll a barrel at me, but he only achieved that he was sent away with his mother.

And then Maxim said that if I didn’t apologize to him and his mother, there would be a divorce. I’m sorry

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