Mother-in-law surprised me! Didn’t expect this from her.

Recently, I have already talked about how the mother-in-law treats our family. We don’t exist for her. All on their own. They live their lives and we live ours.

My husband left on another business trip, and I am sitting with three sons. Only my parents help me: we often go to them for a bite to eat, so as not to cook.

Suddenly, the phone rang yesterday. The mother-in-law said that she missed her and wanted to come. We were just about to go for a walk. She wanted to join us. As a result, she left a little earlier, and we were still going to.

She brought gifts for the children: for the youngest, a set in the sandbox, for the middle — a gun, and for the eldest — money. Grandma Lucy was playing with her grandchildren, and then I made coffee for her. After that we went for a walk.

As a rule, we walk for several hours. Mother-in-law was with us all this time. Apparently, even tired.

The next morning I was going to go to the country. Mother-in-law wanted to join. I didn’t mind.

Before dawn, we were awakened by a knock on the door. Most often, children wake up before nine in the morning, and here we slept sweetly, although it was already 10.00 on the clock!

I didn’t want to get up. They have keys, and only the postman could call in the morning.

However, someone called persistently and was not going to leave. I looked out from the balcony to be indignant at this impudent insistence and realized that I would have to open it. My mother-in-law was at the door.

I met her in pajamas, since we had just opened our eyes. The boys were also sleepy and rumpled.

I told my eldest son to go to the store and buy something for breakfast, otherwise our refrigerator was completely empty.

But his mother-in-law stopped him: “I brought you everything! No shop needed!

And then the grandmother began to get pancakes, chocolate sauce, a box of pike cutlets, bread, homemade lemonade from her huge bag.

By the time I left to clean up, my mother-in-law had already seated the children for breakfast. He tries to entertain them, and they have fun.

I’m used to being strict. Food shouldn’t be fun.

My grandmother and mother constantly repeated to me: “You can’t play with food!”, “You can’t sing at the table!”, “You can’t talk at the table!” At the school, we were also not allowed to “fukat” on food. We cooked not only what we loved very much. Everything had to be learned. The master explained to us that all people have different tastes and you can’t offend anyone with your attitude to food. Every good cook is obliged to cook tasty even what he hates.

Naturally, I did not argue with my mother-in-law and reprimand her. She does as she sees fit. I’m sure one breakfast won’t spoil my kids.

I sat down to have breakfast and felt like I was on vacation: the food was already ready. Sit and enjoy!

After breakfast, I ran to the store to buy food for the country. The children stayed with their mother-in-law.

We packed up and went to the dacha. Although the mother-in-law has her own dacha, she decided to come to us.

She spent a lot of time with her grandchildren. When the younger one fell asleep, and the older one ran away with the middle one to play with the neighbors, we started planting carrots.

Then I made tea, and in the evening we walked in the garden. Grandmother spent two whole days with her grandchildren.

I used to always envy girls whose mothers-in-law stay overnight and help with everything. When there is someone to look after the children, life seems easier.

I had to do everything alone. Only one thing completed, as you immediately run and rush to do something else.

The constant unfinished business of a mother of many children.

I was grateful to my mother-in-law. She pleasantly surprised me. I would like to thank her somehow for such help and attitude.

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