«It’s your daughter! How can you trade her for a man!” my girlfriend is out of her mind

Everyone knows that I am raising three sons and would really like to have a daughter. This is my cherished dream.

Recently, she even joked that she was ready to take someone’s daughter away. Apparently, it’s better not to joke like that.

Friends say that the fourth time will be a daughter, so feel free to decide. Only I am already 39 years old, but I would like to do something professionally, go in for sports, travel, learn something new.

I have worked as a nanny for several families before.

The first time I got a job as a nanny was at the age of 18. My friend gave birth to a daughter, but she needed to study and work in another city. She left her daughter, who was five months old, with her mother. When she worked, I looked after the baby. When Lisa was one and a half years old, she was sent to a kindergarten. Over time, a friend was able to take her daughter to her.

As soon as I felt that I was tired of office work, I quit and got a job as a nanny. When I got bored with the bakery and baking, I started working with the kids again. As a result, I worked in 10 different families and almost always I came across girls. Once I worked with twins: a boy and a girl.

One day I decided that I could take up the education of my children. Six years have passed since then, and now I have three wonderful boys.

In a few years I will be able to go to work.

My close friend had a daughter, Yulia, at the same time as me. So I often sit with the baby while her mother is busy. It so happened that my friend is raising a child alone, and she has nowhere to wait for help. She recently met a man who asked her to marry him and wants to take her abroad.

Julia often stayed with us. I liked to mess with her, and the boys got used to her.

  • Take Julia. — one day my friend said unexpectedly.
  • Do you have another date? I asked with a smile.
  • Ilya calls me with him, but how can I go with a child? It’s difficult and inconvenient. As soon as I arrange my life, I can immediately take my daughter.

My friend has long dreamed of moving to America, so she was even ready to leave the child for the sake of her cherished dream.

  • Well, you have jokes! I answered.
  • I’m serious. As soon as I get settled there, I’ll take Yulia right away.

But it’s not a toy! And America is not an hour away!

I’ll leave money for her maintenance. I will keep sending. My house is completely at your disposal. There’s a lot of space there.

  • You would think more. What if you can’t come when you need it? And how can I stay with a child without any documents?

I was stopped by the fear that I would only become attached to the girl, as soon as I had to part with her. How will the husband react?

  • Ilya said that you need to apply for custody.

– Do you understand what you are talking about? This is your own daughter!

  • Don’t give up so quickly. Think.
  • And you think. If your child interferes with him now, then what awaits you later?

I stood at the window. Julia saw me and began to wave. A friend put the girl in the car, waved to me and drove away.

My husband went on a business trip, so I can’t discuss my friend’s proposal right now. You can’t talk about this over the phone. Alone, too, this issue is not solved.

However, I have already found a great bunk bed. Our car has seven seats. When we go to the country, everyone will fit.

As soon as my husband returns, I will definitely talk to him. He will not refuse me, although he himself, probably, will not be happy.

A friend said that we will have time to think and formalize everything. She seems to have thought it all out.

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