Youth wasted in vain and now I don’t know what to do in old age

The girl, barely breathing, walked and said loudly: “Stop,” after these words, Artyom stopped and wanted to pretend that he had not heard anything, so he continued to walk on. “She will probably follow me to the bus stop…” Artyom sighed, so he had to stop.

The girl finally reached and began to ask Artyom why he was doing this to her, because he was going to leave somewhere. The man began to come up with excuses that he really didn’t want to talk so as not to offend Alena, although he knew that she had a baby and they agreed on a wedding. Alena screamed that she did not want to remain a single mother and her child needed a full-fledged family. This was already starting to annoy Artyom, so he said that they hadn’t talked about promises before, and in general it was her problem, that they had to leave: — Just leave me alone and go to your parents, I’m not going to plan the future with you anymore, I’ll just leave Artyom began to shout.

Alena could not understand how her lover could change so much in a short period of time. But when Artyom was already far away, Alena realized that she could not return him, and on the way home she just walked and cried.

Artyom was already standing near the railway and waiting for his train, he didn’t care what happened to Alena, because he began to forget her. He knew that in a couple of days he would begin to live like an ordinary resident of the city, because there was his house. Since childhood, he was surrounded by women and paid a lot of attention to Artyom. Mother’s sisters and grandmother always looked after Artyom, but did not even talk about the fact that his father was alive.

Artyom was simply told that after his birth, his father ran away. But suddenly one aunt admitted that she met Artyom’s father in a sanatorium a long time ago, and then they met for several months. Artyom’s mother got pregnant while still in the sanatorium, but she couldn’t go anywhere with that man, it turned out that he already had his own family and children. After the birth of Artyom, the whole family was happy and everyone loved him, because he was the only man in the family.

Grandmother was in the best mood, because from the rest of her daughters there were only granddaughters, but not grandchildren, whom she most wanted to see, and suddenly a miracle happened when the mother gave birth to Artyom. From childhood, he was a spoiled child who got everything he wanted. He thought that he would live like this forever and that other people would also obey him. Once he wanted to visit a small village, because he found out that his classmate from the university lives there and the guy liked her very much.

He really wanted her to start dating him, but he did not take into account the fact that she could refuse him. Alena played an inaccessible woman, and Artem was still trying to get her attention, and when he publicly began to threaten her in order for her to start dating him, the next day Alena simply dishonored him at the entrance to the university. Artem was already disappointed that he would not be able to meet the girl he had dreamed of for so long.

The guy decided to do the same with her and leave her with nothing so that she understands how it is to lose a loved one. He had a plan for revenge, because he was going to treat her well at first and before they had fully planned the wedding, he could send her to hell and go back to his hometown.

Artyom did not like that Alena was already dating someone and it was necessary to prevent her marriage with this man from the village. When he courted her for about a couple of months, he almost really fell in love with Alena, but pretended to love for real. Finally, Alena ended her relationship with her rural boyfriend and started dating Artem, who by that time had fully thought out his plan.

While they lived together in the village, everything was fine and Alena’s family loved him very much, but then his mother wrote to him to come back to the city. Artyom, without even thinking, without saying a word to anyone, packed his things, and all the residents of the house could not understand what was happening. He was already going to take a train ticket with all his bags. Alena’s parents were too disappointed in him, because they always treated the guy with kindness.

Already at home, Artyom realized that his life had not improved in any way, because a new man appeared in the house — his mother’s boyfriend, who behaved very strictly towards guys of Artyom’s age. He told the guy that his parents and other relatives were no longer going to feed him simply for free, and that at his twenty-three years it was time for him to earn a living himself. Artyom began to rebel and constantly drank with his friends, and his old aunt, who was about to retire, gave him money for parties. But when Artyom’s mother got married with her boyfriend, he began to command everyone, and by that time the grandmother was no longer alive for a month, and her aunt lived with a nurse in a nursing home. The stepfather was not going to keep this loafer Artem at home anymore, so he changed the locks, the mother agreed to this.

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