Unloved granddaughter

Natasha could not have children. For five whole years, she and her husband constantly went to the doctors and were treated, but nothing helped. And so, in the end, Natasha and Sasha decided to take the child from the orphanage.

Of course, the relatives of Natasha and Sasha were categorically against it. Natasha’s mother was especially against it:

  • Yes, you’re just crazy! Why do you need someone else’s child?! After all, normal parents will not leave their child in an orphanage! Who do you want to raise?! But Natasha and Sasha had already decided everything, and soon a wonderful girl Katyusha appeared in their apartment. Natasha and Sasha adored their baby. They were very happy. Only grandmother Valya, Natasha’s mother, was constantly unhappy that they had adopted someone else’s child. A year later, a miracle happened: Natasha became pregnant and nine months later another wonderful girl appeared in their family. The girl was named Svetochka. Grandmother Valya adored her granddaughter Sveta.

“How she looks like you, Natashenka!” Just as beautiful as you!

And when she looked at Katya, she said:

It’s someone else’s child! I can’t love her! Here Svetochka is a completely different matter!

Natasha resigned herself to this state of affairs: it was useless to argue with Baba Valya.

Baba Valya lived in the village, while Natasha and Sasha lived in the city. The girls grew up like real sisters. They loved each other very much. Katya always defended herself for her little sister and helped her in everything. Parents were very happy that their children were so friendly.

And then one day Sasha bought a ticket, and they wanted to go on vacation. And they decided to leave the children with Baba Vali.

And she agreed to take only Svetochka to her:

  • And give Katya to Sasha’s mother!
  • But Sasha’s mother works! How will she take Katya to her?! I had to take Baba Valya to her place and Katya. Baba Valya behaved towards Katya just terribly. She gave sweets only to Svetochka and played only with her. And Katya was left to herself. She then drew, then played with dolls, then watched cartoons. In short, she entertained herself. Katya did not understand why her grandmother did not love her so much. She was very kind to her and always tried to help her. And Grandma Valya constantly told her:

“Don’t bother me and don’t try to offend Svetochka!”

Then Natasha and Sasha returned from vacation. Katya could hardly wait for their return.

When Natasha and Sasha were picking up their children, grandma Valya said:

  • That’s why you need this Katya? Give her back to the orphanage! She constantly offended the Light!

Mom, don’t talk nonsense! I know it can’t be! — answered Natasha, who knew Katya very well and understood that she would never offend Sveta.

But after two weeks spent with her grandmother, Sveta has changed a lot. She began to take away toys from Katya, stopped sharing sweets and other sweets with her. The baby was just changed.

And then she said:

  • I heard grandmother Valya say that Katya is not my sister at all! She said that you took her from the orphanage!

Years have passed. Sveta has grown into a real beauty. They had a very bad relationship with Katya. For some reason, Sveta believed that her parents loved her less than Katya.

  • You won Katya what an expensive phone you bought! And they didn’t buy me one! I’m going to live with my grandmother Valya! Only she truly loves me! Katya has long known that she was adopted. She took it calmly.
  • You are my parents! You raised me! And I love you very much! Katya often went to Baba Valya and helped her with the housework. Baba Valya began to treat Katya better, but still loved Svetochka more. And then Katya and Sveta grew up, got married. Katya remained to live in her hometown. But Sveta got married and went far away. Katya and her husband constantly helped their parents and helped their grandmother Valya. But Sveta even called her relatives very rarely. And then a misfortune happened: Natasha and Sasha got into a car accident and died. Katya took their death very hard. She did not leave Grandma Valya. Katya and her husband often went to her, bought her food and medicine. And then it was already necessary to look after the grandmother. Katya wanted to take her grandmother to her place, but her grandmother did not want to:
  • Let Svetochka take me to her! I don’t want to live with you! But Sveta refused to take her grandmother and look after her.
  • I have family! Two little kids! I work! I don’t need a grandmother! Give her to a nursing home! Sveta said. But Katya could not do this with her grandmother Valya. She took her to live with her and looked after her for five whole years. Then she died, and Katya buried her. And Sveta didn’t even come to the funeral. But then she came when it was necessary to decide something with the house.

This house belongs to me! My grandmother bequeathed it to me! I decided to sell it! Sveta said.

«Let’s make this our cottage!» We will come here with you with our husbands and children! Let’s relax here, breathe fresh air! Katya suggested.

“I won’t rest here! I have already found a buyer for this house! — Sveta answered Katya.

Katya offered to buy d

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