My wife forbade bringing my daughter from my 1st marriage to our house

My wife is forcing me to choose between myself and my daughter. I divorced my first wife Sveta six years ago. We have a common daughter, who at that time was 7 years old.

Actually, for her sake, my ex-wife and I remained on good, friendly terms. Three years after the divorce, I again married sweet, kind, Anya. The second wife knew that I had a daughter and got along well with her when I brought her to us.

Anna is now 4 months pregnant. And two weeks ago, Sveta called and said that she had been invited to work abroad (as a translator) for a couple of years, and since she could not pick up the child yet, we agreed that Lenochka (my daughter) would live with me and Anya. And Sveta will send me part of her salary to support her daughter.

As soon as I told my Anya about the upcoming changes, I simply did not recognize my wife! She was indignant, hysterical and did not agree that Lena should live with us! My sweet, friendly Anechka showed her true face — she threatened that if I brought Lena to our house, she would leave me and forbid me to see the unborn baby. I explained to her that Lena will not be with us forever and that she can take care of herself and even help us with the child when he is born, but the wife is relentless. He does not want to understand that I cannot abandon an already existing child, for the sake of an unborn one, and forces me to make this choice.

The parents of the first wife offered to take the granddaughter to them, but how would I look in their eyes and in the eyes of my daughter? And I can’t fulfill Anya’s crazy request either — I don’t like it when women push me around! Anya promised that she would go to extremes if I brought Lena to us — she would tell my child how she hates him and that it was he who became the cause of our contention. I can’t understand how a pregnant woman can treat a child so cruelly, even if it’s someone else’s?! My daughter is a very obedient, responsible girl, she won’t cause trouble — I love her very much, but my family is also dear to me.

It always seemed to me that I would know what to do in any situation, but my second wife put me in front of a difficult choice. Help me make it.

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