Arrived on discharge — and no wife; she dropped the triplets and ran away. And years later a doorbell rang — she was standing in the doorway

Arrived on discharge — and no wife; she dropped the triplets and ran away. And years later a doorbell rang — she was standing on the threshold… I am a young man who met a very beautiful and lovely girl, Masha. I could not imagine a day without her. After several months of meetings, she moved in with me. Subsequently signed; I really wanted children, but Masha insisted that she still wanted to live for herself. I hoped to become a father. That’s when this miracle happened: my wife got pregnant. This period was very difficult for her — the body is weak.

Childbirth was difficult. A few hours later a nurse came out and announced the birth of triplets: two boys and a girl. I jumped for joy, ran, shouted, and was just happy. I went home to collect the necessary things. He returned to the maternity hospital, but his wife is gone. Doctors said Maria ran away and said nothing. I called my mother and told her what had happened; mom and dad arrived the same day; it is good that they lived not far away. He raised children together with their parents. The triplets went to kindergarten, then to school and graduated with gold medals. We all went to university and studied successfully.

And I was left alone. He never remarried — he lost trust in women. One day, when my children and I were having lunch, the doorbell rang. My daughter opened it — my ex-wife was standing on the doorstep; she asked permission to enter, I offered her a cup of coffee. We remembered our youth — and suddenly she began to look for excuses. In the end I admitted that at that time didn’t love neither me, nor children. I sat down and told that now wants to establish relations with children. She also asked for money because she had nowhere to live. We were shocked. Then it became clear why she appeared so suddenly.

I do not mind the mother communicating with the children, but not when she expects only benefits. I kicked her out of the apartment and warned her never to appear in our lives again. Masha did not give up, but sued for alimony. Of course, she lost it. After the trial, she shouted at me and the children.

At that moment, my daughter said very meaningful words: — All my life I dreamed of a mother. It was very difficult for me to look at happy families of friends who have both a mother and a father. I so longed for your tender hugs and kind words. But now I understand that it is better to be without a mother than with someone like you. Since then, we have not seen Maria. And what would you do in my place?

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