The sister gave birth to a son and left him with her grandmother, and then she also expressed claims regarding her upbringing.

My sister and I have a big age difference, so I raised her on a par with my mother. When Rita got married, the whole world narrowed for her and focused on her spouse. She loves him madly, my mother and I receded into the background. We were a little offended, but over time we got used to it. When Rita became pregnant, everyone was very happy. I was hoping that having a baby would make her shift her focus away from her husband a bit. But already in the first year of the baby’s life, it was clear that hopes were not destined to come true.

As soon as the breastfeeding period ended, Rita began to increasingly leave the child with my mother, preferring to devote time to her husband and work. I work, so the main burden remained on the mother. Rita claimed that she was doing a favor. Like, what else should a pensioner do at home? Rita said: “Mom is a born teacher, no one can cope with her grandson better than her.” When Sasha was ill, Rita left him with her mother until she recovered. I was a little annoyed by my sister’s selfishness. Why have a baby if you’re not going to have it?

The baby was three years old. We hoped that he would go to kindergarten, and his mother would be able to live in peace. But the sister broke off here too, saying that he was of no use in the kindergarten. Like, he will only pick up infections there. She said: “No one will prepare

him for school better than his grandmother!”.

Sasha went to first grade. At the end of the first semester, the school psychologist took a performance test. Sasha was at the very end of the list. Upon learning of this, the sister threw a whole scandal. She began to blame her mother for not doing well with him. My patience could not stand it, and I told her everything that I think about her and her actions. Children are born for themselves, not for grandmothers! She listened in silence and left, slamming the door. I hope she at least thinks about her actions and responsibilities.

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