I fell in love with my colleague, after a while he invited me on a date. But what he said to me put me in deep stress

After medical school, I got a job at a regional hospital. The head physician of my department was a rather prominent man. When I saw him for the first time, my jaw dropped. Tall, handsome brunette with stern gray eyes. He was the perfect candidate to be the favorite of the female staff, and the perfect candidate to be the main competitor of the male staff. The interns hated him for his strictness, and the patients idolized him, because you can’t find such a good specialist these days with fire. He took his job very seriously and excelled in his profession.

After six months of work, I began to notice that my sympathy had grown into real love. Sometimes I fell out of reality, watching how he makes dressings for patients with his long, beautiful fingers. Konstantin Ivanovich also looked at me when it seemed to him that I did not see. Noticing the attention of the boss, I decided that the goal is quite achievable. Although the department said that he had a woman. A full-scale assault on the male heart began. Not a single man could withstand such a flurry of female attention. A couple of weeks of languid looks, red lips, unobtrusive flirting, short skirts, and the fortress fell. He invited me on a date.

We were drinking wine when he told me that he lives with a woman in a civil marriage, and my insistent attention confuses him. It upset me. I grieved for a few days, but then I decided that luck favors the brave. In addition, his words were like a desperate attempt to stop me when he can no longer resist his desires. The marathon of female charm continued. Women’s intuition did not fail me, and we soon became lovers. A year later, we got married.

At first everything was fine, but then conflicts began. My female soul wanted family happiness: rest with a beloved man and children. But Kostya is categorically against children, and prefers to spend the summer at work. Recently, after another conflict, he slammed the door and left. I thought it was just a normal midlife crisis, go crazy and come back. But mutual acquaintances told me that he was seen with an ex-girlfriend kissing in the park. How dare that bitch interfere in our marriage? I thought I took him away for good.

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