Once again I entered the classroom and found two men in a threatening uniform of a law enforcement officer. I was accused of embezzlement of schoolchildren’s funds. When the truth was revealed

After graduating from the Pedagogical Institute, I went to work at school, work for the good of the motherland and educate the younger generation. My enthusiasm was appreciated, in the first year I was appointed a class teacher. I was appreciated by the management, the children, but not the mothers. Looking at my young face, they unanimously decided that I would not be a worthy teacher. Like, she doesn’t have her own children, which means she’s not capable of anything good. Apparently, from Soviet practice, the image of the grumpy old woman of the class teacher has firmly settled in the minds of people.

Even the fact that the performance of the class grew by leaps and bounds did not change the opinion of the mothers. I always try to organize my lessons in an interesting way, so the children study with pleasure, they even stay at breaks to study longer. Moms disliked not only me, but also my subject. Like, computer science is nonsense. I can be called in demand, every day I was visited by at least three parents. Complained about the amount of homework and grades. I had to explain long and tediously, and prove all sorts of simple truths.

At the end of the year there was a detective story in general. It was at the end of May. They knocked on the door. Opening the door, I found on the threshold of two handsome men in a menacing uniform of a law enforcement officer. Then a comedic insert: the police said that I was accused of embezzling schoolchildren’s funds. The situation is funny, because yesterday the headmistress complained to me in the same strict tone that my class had never collected money for the needs of the school. I was afraid to even utter a word about money in front of my mothers. They were already looking for any reason to find fault with me. Fortunately, justice has prevailed.

It turned out that one of my students is a novice businessman. She found a «great» way to cash in on her parents. She took money from her parents and said that I asked her at school. When the truth was revealed, the mother, who turned to the police, refused to apologize. In her worldview, women who have not given birth do not enjoy respect.

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