Mom is furious with my decision, but I’m not going to endure humiliation and insults anymore.

I was a long-awaited child, since I had three brothers, and my parents were very happy when they found out that they would have a daughter, they wanted to call me Maria, but at the very last moment my mother changed her mind and named me Olivia. The problems started in kindergarten; the kids could not remember my name, they constantly called it the way it was convenient for them. Parents did not pay attention to this, believing that I would grow up and everything would change, everything changed, of course, only for the worse.

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At school they began to call me names «Olivier», «Oil»; I always cried, I was hurt and offended because they call me names and do not want to communicate with me. When I shared with my mother about this, I said that I wanted to change my name; she began to dissuade me, said that I did not understand anything, that I had no right to change, that I needed to love my name. I couldn’t deal with all this, and when I’m 16, I’ll definitely change my name, and I don’t care what they think of me, I don’t care at all.

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It seems to me that parents should listen to the opinion of their children, and give them such names from which they will not be ashamed in the future. After I can change my name, I will take the name Mary — the name that was prepared for me even before I was born. It’s good that at least dad understands and supports me; he said that he would help me with the documentation when I turned 16. Then it would be possible to change everything legally. I am now 15 years old, and I suffer from my name and want to change it as soon as possible, although my mother is against this and does not understand how much it hurts me when I am called names at school.

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