At 55, my husband made me lose weight and take care of myself, and when I found out why he requires all this from me, I almost lost my speech

My name is Irina. At the moment, I am exactly 50 years old, and my husband, Lesha, is 55 years old. Recently, after long and happy years of marriage, he said that there are few bright colors in his life, and he needs changes. I didn’t understand at all what happened to him. For almost 30 years of marriage, we raised a wonderful son, we had a granddaughter, and throughout this time, Lesha was happy. Or rather, I thought so. All this time I was raising my granddaughter while my son and daughter-in-law disappeared at work. I didn’t touch my husband. He spent the whole day on the couch with a bottle of beer in his hands, watching his favorite sports programs.

Екатерина Андреева в свои 55 лет выглядит ровесницей дочери

I thought that I was doing absolutely the right thing, because at one time he alone provided for our entire family and actively participated in the upbringing of his son, despite being overloaded with work. It turned out he thought differently. First, Lesha said that I needed to lose weight, for this I signed up for fitness, then he ordered me to update my wardrobe and start painting, like all normal women. I didn’t see the point in all this, since I didn’t leave the house so often in order to prepare especially for this.

However, this was not enough for her husband. He, in secret from me, found himself a mistress — young and slender. He just packed all his things one day and left home. From the house where we lived with him for so many years, and where our son grew up, and then our granddaughter. I didn’t hold on to him. Even if I did, our lives would not be the same. We could not overcome the age crisis, but I am grateful to my husband for my son, and to my son for a wonderful daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Since my husband can no longer live with me — his busine

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