The aunt did not have a soul in her son, even after the wedding she helped him, but when it came to the apartment, the aunt realized who her son really was

My aunt raised her son in very difficult conditions. Her husband passed away a long time ago, and she was left alone as a son. From childhood, she did everything for him, she did not look for souls. The son was very demanding. If someone had some kind of toy, he immediately also demanded the same toy for himself. He didn’t care if his mother had the means to do so or not. Once, my mother even had to sell her gold earrings in order to buy him a toy that he had been demanding for a long time.

When he grew up and studied at the university, his aunt even had to pay for his studies, as he had bad grades. The son grew up and got married. The wife was the same as the husband. They constantly mocked the aunt and demanded something. They even came up with the nickname “Old Pensioner”, but she was still young. The son had a one-room apartment, and the aunt had a three-room apartment, which was presented by her husband. The son came, cursed, demanded that his mother give him this apartment. But my aunt did not agree.

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She said that this was a gift from her husband and she had memories associated with this apartment, and she would not give him anything. Then the son had a fight with her and completely stopped communicating with his mother. The aunt realized that she must live her own life, let her son go. She began to travel a lot, and one day she met a man who was younger than her. He had a daughter — very good and well-mannered. They immediately became friends with my aunt. She married this man and they lived very happily.

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The aunt decided that she would leave the three-room large apartment to this girl and her husband. When the son found out about this, he became very angry and said that instead of mitigating her guilt, she left the apartment to strangers. He believed that it was her fault that he did not communicate with her, and she should have smoothed over the guilt and left the apartment to him. After these words of the son, the aunt did not want to communicate with him at all.

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