The mother-in-law, in her old age, decided to get married. And who will babysit the grandchildren

I have no doubt that all the older people will now begin to condemn me. Only if there are adequate people, they will understand that I am right.

After all, you should not think selfishly — at some point you should think about descendants. I did not think that my husband had such a frivolous and windy mother when I married him. She absolutely does not care about her loved ones. She first thinks about herself, about her whims and desires, about the peasants. Do you represent? She got married in her old age!

It is clear that she does not care about traditions, family values. She never stuck to any of this. Even when she lived with her first husband. Initially, she was not going to save the family, while having a young son. The husband’s father left them for another when he was still a baby. It was possible to endure, at least for the sake of his son, to persuade her husband to stay. Therefore, my husband grew up fatherless. One mother raised him. He doesn’t remember anything about his grandmother.

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When I met my mother-in-law, I was shocked, to put it mildly. At that time, she was only 45 years old. You can’t even imagine what she looked like: a dyed blonde with bright makeup and provocatively red lips. None other than Marilyn Monroe imagined herself! And the corresponding character is frivolous. Retirement is coming soon, but she is getting younger. With long nails, heels, short skirts. Most likely, she adapts to the situation — she then worked in a beauty salon.

We celebrated a modest wedding and moved in with her. There was no question of any home comfort. No one baked buns and pies for us and treated us with tea. In the morning she went to work, and in the afternoon she went about her business: she took care of herself, visited the gym, ran to parties, bachelorette parties, rested, went to master classes, met with fans. Once I even decided to ask her: “Isn’t it difficult for you to lead such an active lifestyle at your age?” So she answered me: “And what years are we talking about?”. Indeed, soon half a tide, and she is there too. At home, he does not cook and does not eat. Is that a sandwich and lunch in a cafe. Here are the things!

A year has passed since the wedding and I found out about my pregnancy. It happened before the new year. Of course, not without toxicosis. It was so bad, so sick, and they and their friends decided to arrange a party in honor of the holiday! My husband cannot understand what to do and how to help, he called her, and she replies:

Yes, you never know, probably something you ate something.

After my husband confessed that I was pregnant, she added in a disappointed tone:

Strange you, would not live for yourself at least a little. — that’s the thing! And this is the future grandmother

After the birth of her grandson, nothing in her life has changed. She also went to work and ran around with her friends. She practically did not approach her granddaughter and did not pay attention. Is that poagukat and wave a rattle. One day she came home, and I’m torn here — I need to hang up the laundry, the baby is naughty, and she went to make coffee for herself. I ask her to hold her grandson in her arms for a bit, and she pretends not to hear — she puts on headphones and listens to music. I drank my coffee, changed clothes in an instant and ran about my business. I tell my husband, but he can’t say or do anything — he has such a mother! You need to reconcile.

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The child grew up, my husband and I raised him ourselves, but my grandmother did not particularly participate. She said that she was not hired as a nanny, and if we want children, we must think for ourselves how to cope with them. She didn’t even come at night. About six months ago, she came for things and moved in with one of her lovers. Now she made us happy about the upcoming marriage. And how is it possible? She doesn’t pay attention to her grandson, doesn’t let us go for a walk, but she lives for her own pleasure!

My mother does not live close — on the other side of the country. I am sure that the best grandmother in the whole world cannot be found, she would not leave her grandson, but she cannot come often. She has health problems. But if there was an opportunity to be nearby, then she would knit socks for him and bake pies. By the way, she often sends us gifts, including knitted items. Her age difference with her mother-in-law is only five years. They are also divorced from dad, but she decided on this only after I became an adult. For the sake of me and my brother, my mother saved the marriage. I did not notice any particular frivolity behind her.

I am very angry with my mother-in-law. Highly. The old woman is young, but she does not want to help us. Here comes the egoist! After all, it is at this age that you need to sacrifice yourself, while your strength still allows. No matter how much I tried to talk about this with my husband, so that he would persuade her to sit with the child, and we would go and unwind, but he does not want to spoil the relationship with her. And her grandmother’s instinct will not wake up in any way. If he’s in it at all. Doesn’t her conscience bother her?

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