Don’t tell my family that I cheated on you

Dasha sat on the edge of the bed, periodically sobbing and watching Maxim’s movements around the room. He paced from corner to corner, then went into the bathroom, washed himself, stood by the window sill, rubbed his fist reddened from the blows, and again began to walk from corner to corner.

  • Max, what will happen to us now? — Dasha whined and touched her cheekbone, which had already begun to swell.
  • Never mind, let’s get divorced! And we need to disperse right there, immediately! So pack your things and leave. I can’t see you.

Everything was so cute this morning. Children at the mother-in-law with the father-in-law on the weekend, the wife sleeps sweetly. Early in the morning, the foreman called and asked if Maxim would like to earn extra money on Saturday — to make a few truck rides to a neighboring city, to take building materials. Well, why not earn money, there is no extra money.

He got up, explained to his half-asleep wife what was the matter, poured pasta with cutlets into the container, kissed Dasha, and left. Half an hour later, she called, asked when to expect him, Maxim said that not earlier than five in the evening and wished him good dreams — let him sleep until noon. We arrived at the warehouse by 9 am. There is no storekeeper with keys, apparently he went on a spree! While they were looking for Mikhalych, while they were looking for duplicate keys, and they were never found — it was already the beginning of the twelfth.

Я изменила мужу и поняла, что никогда этого не повторю»

In general, they decided to postpone it to Sunday, it makes sense to work until night, and then — taking into account the search for Mikhalych, who was on a spree. Maxim went home, Dasha decided not to call, let him sleep, baby. As soon as he opened the door of the apartment, he heard some fuss and running around in the bedroom. As soon as he opened the door, he saw a frightened wife on the bed in a short dressing gown and a man jumping on the floor, trying to hastily put on his pants.

Max seemed to have been blown away — he began to beat this man with his pants half on. «Max, don’t!» — Dasha tried to get into this one, rushed to separate it, for which she accidentally got an elbow on her cheekbone, she was already thrown away. Maxim threw the beaten man over the threshold, throwing his clothes after him, and then this very scene came — Dasha on the edge of the bed, Maxim walks from corner to corner.

Yes, that would probably be the right thing to do! — Dasha whined again and began to collect things. — Max, I will agree to all the conditions that you say, I just beg you — do not tell my family that I cheated on you! Mom will not survive this, dad has a bad heart. And in general — it will be a terrible shame for us. You know!

Yes, Max knew this very well — relatives thought that she was generally a bell girl, all of herself correct, she graduated from a music school and an art college. What Dasha really is — Max understood. They were introduced by Natasha, a mutual friend, and Max did not know for a month that Dasha was married and had a child. When he found out, he was already deeply in love with her.

Изменила. Любить стала неимоверно. Но не могу так больше, помогите! Устала  молчать, но знаю — не простит и будет прав - Интернет странник

Dasha’s first husband is still so ignorant that he was horned for six months until Dasha divorced him. The wording of the divorce was as follows — Dasha was tired of her ex-husband’s constant drinking, even though he just loved beer in the evenings. The same version was voiced for relatives, everyone supported Dasha, condemning her first husband. Only later, for everyone, it was said that Dasha had recently met Max, and he married her. No one even guessed the real reason for the divorce from her first husband.

Well, Maxim himself is to blame for marrying this whore, accepting her daughter as his own, and bringing her to his territory. But he firmly believed that Dasha would never cheat on him — after all, she loved him so much! And then they had a common child — Cyril, he is now two years old. Everything was fine, but Dasha ruined everything. She left, and Maxim tore the bed linen from the matrimonial bed and put it in a trash bag. Then he called Natasha and told her everything.

  • Natasha, tell me honestly, did you know everything about Dasha? She’s keeping secrets with you.

Natasha mumbled something into the phone, hesitated, but still answered:

  • Yes. She told me a month ago about some Kostya, that she had an affair with him, but I immediately warned — if she does not break off relations with this Kostya, then I will tell you everything. Well, understand me, I’m also her friend, I couldn’t tell you everything! Was it such a thin, curly brunette? Well, yes, this is the same Kostya.
Изменила и не жалею»: 6 откровенных признаний о неверности в браке

On the same evening, Dasha’s older brother rushed to Max — he tried to start a fight with Maxim from the doorway, but Max quickly twisted Oleg.

  • You freak — shouted twisted Oleg. Why did you beat my sister? Her face is blue, swollen, and your fist is broken — is it logical? She cries, says nothing, but I can see what’s the matter. What, the weak can be beaten, damned chauffeur?

From that day on, Maxim received calls from numerous relatives. Everyone felt sorry for Dasha, so they shamed and cursed Maxim, calling him a chauffeur, cattle, redneck and stuff like that. Maxim’s father-in-law did not remain indifferent either, he called and growled into the phone:

  • I always thought you were a normal guy, but you turned out to be a rare bastard! A wolf in sheep’s clothing, a werewolf! I got you such a good job, recommended you to everyone, praised you, and you arranged this for my daughter? She is a fool trying to you

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