I’m an oncologist and now I’m going to give you a list of ways to stay away from cancer, pay attention, read and remember

Oncological diseases have become the evil of the century. they do not spare rich and poor, young and old, women and men…

We have prepared for you the tips of an oncologist to help you stay away from this evil.
Say NO and throw it out of your life.

Refined oil, Milk of animal origin, except for your own animals,
Food flavor enhancers, Carbonated drinks,
Microwave, Prenatal mammography, except echograms,
Very tight underwear, Alcohol, Freeze-thawed food,
The water from the plastic bottles you keep in the fridge, the birth control pills,
deodorants, especially after waxing, Sugar, because cancer cells feed on sugar.

Say YES and bring your diet.

Vegetables, Honey instead of sugar, Protein,
2 glasses of water on an empty stomach before brushing your teeth.
Naked but not hot dishes,
aloe+ginger+parsley+celery+pineapple, blend and drink on an empty stomach,
raw or cooked carrots or carrot juice every day.

Other important tips:

Do not drink tea or other hot drinks from plastic cups.
Do not eat anything hot from paper or plastic containers.
Do not microwave food in plastic containers.
do not eat heavy food after 5:00 p.m.
drink more water in the morning than in the evening
do not go to bed immediately after eating or taking medicine.

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