The homeless man found 10 thousand dollars. he decided to return it to the owner and this is what happened

Antun Elmer Alvarez saw a piece of paper on the street. Looking carefully at the paper, the man realized that he was holding nothing but a check for $10,000.

He could easily have cashed the money, but Elmer decided to find the owner. From that moment on, his life changed forever.

With $10,000, Elmer could live comfortably all winter without risking his life. But the man thought that maybe the real owner only had this amount. On the check she read the name: Roberta Jose. Elmer went into a nearby internet cafe and started looking up her contacts.

It soon turns out that Roberta is quite a successful real estate agent. Newspapers often wrote about his business, so finding his phone number was not too difficult. The man talked to her, explained the situation and made an appointment.

Roberta was really impressed with Elmer’s behavior. He thought the money had already been cashed out and didn’t expect it to be returned to him. Roberta said that she herself lived without a home for a while as a teenager.

As a thank you, the woman provided the man with an apartment, paid for his training and is now going to hire him.
One right step really helped a man change his whole life. The $10,000 would last him for just a few months, and now Elmer can calmly think about his future.

Every good deed comes back sooner or later.

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