The girl grew up in a stepfamily and her real parents ruled the state. Here’s what happened when he
found out

Sarah Culberson knew from a young age that she was growing up in a stepfamily. He was adopted back
in 1976.

The woman lived an ordinary life and for a long time did not even realize that her real parents ruled an
entire state, and she was a real princess.

Sarah was adopted by the White family at a very young age. She was raised as the most ordinary
American girl. The girl finished school, then college, got a job. Only at the age of 28 does he decide to
find his real parents.

Sarah’s real parents’ contacts were almost lost, but she was eventually able to find an acquaintance of
her father’s.

The latter said that Sarah is actually descended from the royal family of Sierra Leone, and even remotely
has a friendly relationship with the royal family of England.

Hero Sarah also found her father still living in Sierra Leone. He flew to meet his father and received a
truly royal welcome. Here Sarah was officially recognized as a princess.

Now Sarah is living a proper life. Most of the time he travels around the world representing his family at
an official level.

It’s true, no one says royal life is easy. It has many intricacies beyond the reach of ordinary people. But,
of course, there are plenty of positives here as well.

To this day, it is not clear why Sarah ended up away from her family. Parents don’t talk about it. Maybe
one day the secret will be revealed.

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