These items should not be kept at home if you are expecting a baby soon

With the arrival of a child, some things in the house pose a danger to his life.

If the toy contains small parts, it is likely that the child will swallow them or put them in the ear.
Therefore, when buying transformers and constructors, parents are advised to check the product

For a child, plastic dishes are a real happiness, but if they are made of harmful and poisonous melshnin
for the child, then in no case should they be used.

It often happens that the clothes of newborns have buttons and laces. This is wrong, because the first
one he can swallow, and the second one, he can hurt his neck. These components are best replaced
with zippers.

Rattles with colored balls inside are also dangerous for the child’s health if the toy is poorly made. The
child likes to throw them on the walls, hit the floor, and the multicolored balls inside are of great
interest. Therefore, as soon as the larynx is broken, the child will take in his mouth what he could not

Clothes made of unnatural raw materials lead to a greenhouse effect: the child sweats, the skin does not
breathe, as a result of which skin diseases and slergia occur.

Long hair on soft toys can also be dangerous: a child sleeps with his favorite plush friend and
accidentally ends up with a small detail or long hair in his mouth.

Small accessories for toys (beads, buttons, eyes, nose) should be either firmly fixed or replaced with
embroidered ones.

Painted products delight the eye with the unusualness of their colors, but do not forget that sooner or
later the varnish will come off and may end up on the child’s skin, or, worse, in the oral cavity. Calcium
and magnesium are dangerous chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.

It is better to postpone the purchase of noisy toys if the child has not yet reached the age of seven.

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