52-year-old Olga found a child in the bushes of the garden and adopted him. This is how they live 11
years later

52-year-old Olga found the child in the bushes of the garden and kept it with her. How does this family
live after 11 years?

That day, Olga, who lived in a small village, had a day off. He thought for a long time what to do,
because his only daughter left to build a career in a big city, and his wife was left alone. And that’s why,
in order not to sit at home on that beautiful day, Olga decided to go for a walk

He went to the garden and noticed a strange blanket under one of the lilac bushes. When he
approached, he just pulled away. The blanket began to move and it turned out to be… a small child
inside it. The baby wasn’t even crying.

Olga took him in her arms and only then the baby opened his eyes and cried. Then the woman thought
that someone had shot the child. The woman with a sharp mind refused to believe the fact that she was
simply thrown away
He called 911 and the police, raised social concerns to find the little girl’s parents.

As a result, they were found, but the fate of the child did not concern them. They were more interested
in the presence of strong drinks. As it turned out, the mother simply dumped the girl so that the latter
would not prevent her from getting new impressions from life.

Such a cynical act touched everyone. The representatives of O-renk took the child to the orphanage in
order not to return him to the family. Olga thought for a long time and finally decided to take Sonya.

She started collecting all the necessary documents, because she was sure that she could become a real
mother for the girl.

No one supported Olga’s action. Her daughter was totally against it, implying that her mother was not
getting any younger. But Olga steadfastly faced all the taunts and continued to move towards her goal.

At first, the woman had a really hard time. She was already fifty-two years old, and taking care of a one-
year-old child at that age was not an easy task. But gradually the difficulties subsided.

Eleven years have passed. During this period, Olga never regretted her actions. His adopted daughter
grew up to be a very intelligent and talented child. Now he is twelve years old and helps Olga in
everything. The elder sister also adopted Sonya. He is ready to take care of him if suddenly his mother is
not there.

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