The cat was meowing all night and trying to get out of the house. Running after him in the morning…I couldn’t believe what I saw

The cat was meowing all night and trying to get out of the house. Running after him in the morning…I couldn’t believe it…
For quite a long time, I was thinking of exchanging a large three-room apartment for a small cozy house
and after some time my dream came true. I moved into that house in the spring of last year. My cat, Makar, likes to go out and walk sometimes. But minutes later he was right back home
One day I noticed that the cat was constantly meowing. I thought that he either caught a cold or broke something. But what you see
leaving the house, this terrified me.

The cat was sitting in the snow, it was strange, because he had never done anything like this before, as soon as he saw me, immediately somewhere
rushed, looking back at me. I ran after him and not far away, literally ten meters from the house, he stopped
took. Approaching, I saw a little boy sitting on a pile of snow and trying to hide from the wind, I immediately
I did not tell him and told him to run home quickly because it is very cold.

The child was very cold, and so, without saying anything, ran after me, and so did Makar.
Once we were home, I started asking where his parents were and if he needed help. He wasn’t looking at me, but pa
he was crying a lot and could not get warm in any way. I decided not to ask him any more questions, I needed to warm him up first
and feed him.

The boy was very small and thin, and there were bruises on his hands and wrist. Finally waiting for the boy himself more
feel good, I continued to ask anyway. Finally, he decided to tell me everything. It turned out that he was five years old
is. Her mother is having an affair with three different men and they are the reason for the bruises.

He ran away because it was impossible to stay at home, they didn’t feed him and didn’t love him and didn’t even let him go.
toilet. I also told a little about myself, that my name is Sofia and that I live with my cat, whose name is the same-
It’s like Makar. At that moment the boy smiled for the first time. Immediately after the bath, he fell asleep very quickly and deeply. At that time
So I was sitting next to him, looking at him and I couldn’t understand why people who want a child so much —
to have, fate simply does not give them. And it was with those thoughts that he fell asleep, holding Makar in his arms.

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