Our dream found in the salt cellar My husband and I dreamed about our daughter

I am 46 years old, my husband is 48. We have a large, loving family. We are raising our 5 sons. My husband and I have always dreamed of a daughter, but it didn’t work out. That autumn day changed our lives.

My husband used to drop salt in our house every morning on his way to work. like that for 15 years. That day he kissed us as usual, took the bag and left. Suddenly 5 minutes later she came back with a newborn baby in her arms…

It turns out that he approached the boxes to throw salt and heard a child crying. He dug around and found the baby wrapped in a blanket. The poor conscience froze and cried so much that it was tied… My heart was broken. how can a child be treated in such an inhuman way?

We called the police, but I fed the baby before they came. as you understood, there can be no shortage of bottles and milk in our house. I dressed the baby warmly and hugged him. she fell asleep in my arms in 5 minutes.

The child was a girl… the one I dreamed about all my life, was equal to someone else… it didn’t fit in my head. The police told us that the child will be taken to prison. my husband went with them.

That very evening we talked and realized that she should stay with us…she is our daughter. After 2 months we brought Maria home. By the way, the brothers decided the name. They love their sister so much, they worry about who will rock or play with her… Now I have everything, I am extremely happy…

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