I am sorry that the child has such an irresponsible father and mother. How can you treat your own child like that?

Nellie has always been easygoing, but I hoped she would change after the baby was born. She went on some trips and excursions every month, during one of which she met Edgar. The young people soon got married and continued traveling together.

Nelly did not change her lifestyle during her pregnancy and only gave up on another trip when she was 7 months pregnant and was not allowed to board a plane. Edgar left for India alone, much to Nellie’s chagrin.

Despite all that, I was extremely happy that I was going to become a grandmother. After 2 months, the baby was born, the inexperienced mother decided to feed the baby with artificial milk, even started looking for a nanny, but I, of course, did not allow it.

I myself went to their house every day and took care of the baby. 8 months ago, my daughter and Edgar got a good offer to work in Thailand. They told me it was only for 1 month, but Edgar happened upon a house there at a good price and bought it.

Nelly said that she will come after the child soon, but they haven’t come for several months, and they only communicate with the child by phone. They send money, it is enough for me and the baby, the baby fills the day with happiness, but I understand that the baby needs parents. I am sorry that the child has such an irresponsible father and mother…

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