Twin brothers were separated from each other in an orphanage, breaking all the laws, but the
brothers met after many years. an exciting story that will not leave anyone indifferent

Lesha and Sasha ended up in an orphanage after their mother passed away due to a serious illness. The
father didn’t live with them for a long time, he left for another country, got lost in distant lands. There
were no relatives who wanted to take the twin boys. except for grandma. How many cabinets did he go
through, how many petitions and appeals did he write, but he did not achieve a positive result. He was
seventy-four years old. She often visited her grandchildren at the orphanage, the only way a
grandmother could show the boys that she remembered and loved them. Sasha and Lesha were eight
years old when they ended up in that prison, and

when they turned ten, they got the news that Lesha was being adopted. Of course, according to the
rules, the twins could not be separated, but the married couple did not want to take Sasha as well.
Sasha had injured her leg in early childhood and walked with a limp, often using a cane. And the
adopters did not want to take two of them, one of whom is «hash mandam». The kindergarten director
made a decision and that decision was very sad for the brothers. After some time, Leshka was taken
away by her new parents. Sasha was sad for a long time, and if it were not for her grandmother, it would
be very difficult for her.

The director, seeing the situation and realizing his fault, allowed the grandmother to take the grandson
on weekends. Grandmother became the only close and dear person for Sasha. Of course, he hoped to
find his brother in time, but he understood that everything would not be so easy. Grandmother loved
her grandson very much. she was an intelligent woman despite her advanced age. He tried to give his
grandson everything he could, replacing both his mother and his brother. Sasha loved him very much,
tried not to make him sad, helped him as much as he could and looked forward to the weekend every
week. Years passed.

Sasha turned 18 years old. Now he could live with his grandmother permanently. The grandmother was
over 85 years old, she often got sick, but she fought for her grandson. Sasha could not imagine life
without her beloved grandmother, protected her from life’s difficulties, tried to reward her with
kindness and her love. The thought of finding his brother did not leave him. grandmother also really
wanted Lesha to be found. «I will know that you are not alone,» he told his grandson. Sasha did not like
such conversations, but he himself understood that after the death of his grandmother, he would be
completely alone in this world.

He searched everywhere for his brother, wrote to all the programs, looking for relatives, but in vain.
Only by chance did he hear from the old nanny of the orphanage that the adopters were from their city
and did not plan to leave anywhere. The town is small, but not two houses. Of course, the brother’s
surname is now different, and the name could have been changed as well. Sasha did not lose hope. The
grandmother was already quite old, but she used to say: — I will not go until I see Leshenka. One
weekend, Sasha went to the mall. He walked for a long time, looked at new things for himself, bought
everything he needed. Grandma also wanted to please, I was a warm scarf

looking for him. While choosing a scarf, Sasha heard a child’s voice. — Grandpa, look how much this man
looks like you, as if he were you. Sasha froze; he stood, afraid to move, afraid he seemed to be. He
slowly turned in the direction from where he heard the child’s voice. The brothers silently approached
each other, silently pressed their heads together. Sasha did not understand how it turned out. After
searching for his brother for many years, he found him quite by accident, thanks to a nephew who
noticed the resemblance between the two men. The initial shock wore off and the brothers finally
embraced. The most important thing remained: a meeting with the grandmother. From the mall, the
brothers went straight to their grandmother. Sasha felt like in his distant childhood…

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