I found this phone by chance and called the first number I came across. What they told me was

I was walking around the camp, suddenly I found a phone. At first we wanted to take the car to a safe
place, but on the way we decided that we could call a number ourselves, find out the owner’s name and
return the phone to him. There were only two contacts in the phone book. «Mother and father». After a
moment’s hesitation, I gave Papa a hug.

  • Hello, my son. a thick, pleasant baritone came into the receiver. «Sorry, it’s not your son. — I said. — We
    found the phone, we want to return it to the owner. This is your son’s phone. — Yes, my son. — answered
    the interlocutor on the other end, slightly confused. — And how did you find it? -I have found: Maybe it
    fell out of the child’s pocket. What team is he on?
  • Who? The baritone was frankly stupid. I should have called my mother, I thought. On the other hand, it
    was easy for me to understand my father’s confusion when some strange person calls from the child’s
    number. So I repeated patiently. — Your son. Do you know what team he’s on? He is not on any team. —

  • What is he, adviser? — What adviser? Where did you find this phone?
  • Here in the area — What area? -At the camp. — What camp? What is this, poor curse? — You know, I don’t
    care about jokes. I came to the camp to visit my child, we found a phone. Do you know where your child
    is or not? — I know exactly where my child is. It has nothing to do with any camp. You’re either kidding or

  • there’s something wrong.
  • We can easily figure it out now. — I said: — Give the child’s name and age. I asked the baritone: — There is
    one! finally said the guard, repeating the child’s surname and first name. — Sixth squad. Corps three:
    Now we will take the phone to the child, you will find out yourself whether this is your child or not. —
    Good. — replied the interlocutor. — Thank you. Where do you say this camp is?
  • This is near Yaroslavl in Kostino. The baritone suddenly cursed. — What? I asked. — What is wrong? — No,
    nothing. Sorry. said the baritone. And after a moment of silence, he suddenly muttered angrily between
    his teeth. — Just wondering, if the baby is in the camp, who did my beautiful wife fly to Egypt with?

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