Do you remember this 6 born 20 years ago? Check back when you see how much they’ve grown and

INTERESTING Do you remember this 6 born 20 years ago?

Today, they have already graduated from school and are each going their separate ways. made national
headlines, graduated from Norwich High School, and the siblings will go their separate ways in the fall.
Parents are extremely proud of their children.

words cannot even express how proud we are of them. Ethan studies technical networks. Sean is
majoring in cyber security at Cole College. Grant is going to continue working. Jacey wants to be an
elementary school teacher. Daniel and Melissa are graphic design and animation students.

It has not been easy for the couple to raise children. However, they only remember the pleasant
moments. One can only imagine how many hardships they have overcome. Sondra was 31 weeks
pregnant when her six babies were born by caesarean section on April 6, 2002.

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