93-year-old grandfather who recovered from coronavirus started crying when asked to pay, and when
doctors found out why he was crying, they started crying too

In Italy, a 93-year-old grandfather from lung cancer was cured after being connected to an artificial
respiration machine for a long time. The doctors asked him to pay for one day’s service of the device.
When the grandfather heard this, he cried.

The doctor started to comfort the grandfather so that he would not cry for the money, but what the
grandfather replied made the doctor cry too. The old man said: I am not crying for the money that I have
to pay, I can pay for all the days, I am crying because I have been breathing God-given air every day for
93 years, but I have never paid for it.

You say that one day of artificial respiration costs 5000 euros, imagine how much I «owe» to God, but I
never thanked him.

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