Remember this little one with super long eyelashes, this is how she looks today?

Today, any person can be made very beautiful, because there are all the possibilities for this. Every day
we see photoshopped photos on Instagram or another social network. With the help of various
programs, we can get our desired image. But when we see many of these people in reality, we realize
that everything is not as great as it seems.

When everyone saw this baby’s photo, no one could believe that neither Photoshop nor anything else
was involved. The girl really looked like a doll. But what surprised people the most were her age-
inappropriate eyelashes. Years later, the girl’s mother started posting new photos and videos with her
daughter, and everything fell into place. It turned out that the child has eyelashes that are much longer
than normal.

The baby’s mother is from Latvia, her name is Stefani and she is a hairdresser. She has been married to
an African-American man for over ten years. The couple is raising three children. Stephanie is far from
show business, but 4 years ago, publishing a photo of little Amaya, she received many likes and
comments. The child was not even a year old, and the eyelashes were so long that people did not
believe that they were natural. He currently has 100,000 subscribers.

Everyone predicts a modeling future for little Amaya. According to his parents, he likes to pose and is
not shy of the cameras. I must say that another beauty is growing up in the family, Niall’s sister, with the
same doll appearance and long eyelashes. And, in fact, nature has been generous to this family

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