I didn’t understand why my father was happy that I was transferred to the prison, but in the evening
everything became clear: I wish I didn’t know that.

My husband and I studied at the same university in different courses. We got married right after I
graduated. We had a good life, our daughter was born, for whom my husband was dying. Time passed.
My daughter got married. Once I went to a restaurant, and my son-in-law went to work in another city,
and my daughter decided to stay at our house in the meantime. On the very first day in our house, it so
happened that my daughter was poisoned. They didn’t know exactly what, but they assumed it was
ham. The father put him in a car and took him to the hospital. My daughter told me that at that time
there was joy on her father’s face, she was very surprised why. He stayed in the prison until the evening,
and in the evening he decided to return home.

Nurse Bo convinced her to stay until morning, but she missed her room so much that she wanted to be
home early. He decided to stop his father, called a taxi and returned home. The light in our room
(father’s room at that time) was on. My daughter knocked and entered. The father was standing in the
room, straightening the shirt, and the wife was sitting on the bed, fastening the buttons of the jacket. At
that time, Maria understood why her father was so happy. He grabbed that woman’s hair, rolling on it.
The father barely managed to catch up with them. Her father had no flaws in Maria’s eyes, so she did
not regain consciousness after the incident. When the wife left and my daughter calmed down, my
husband surprised her even more.

«I’ve been dating him for about 7 years. Don’t tell your mother, I’ll fix everything.» Maria told me
everything. I didn’t believe it. Actually, I didn’t want to believe it. I lived in illusions for seven years. I
don’t think I need to tell you what I felt then. We are now separated. He and his lover moved to another
city. I often ask myself if I did the right thing by kicking him out the door. I could not save my family, but
then I understand that I cannot live under the same roof with a man who sells it to me.

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