More than 20 million views. Keeping a high five is hard, but also fun

Every couple who gets married starts dreaming of having children. The birth of a child that completes
their family brings with it immense happiness. It is noteworthy that today young people in the world
want to live their lives paying tribute to their own pleasures, without everyday difficulties and children

And those families who decide to take this step value family relationships. You know it’s very difficult to
take care and raise children in such a crazy day to day lifestyle. Well, in the case of twins, all this is much
more difficult to handle. Parents naturally need extra help.

But leave all this and for a minute, imagine that suddenly 5 children are born in your family. What will
you do then? The heroes of this story are facing it. Despite the fact that they are very cheerful and
happy, along with all this, they are very aware and understand that they really need additional help. Just
look at how hard it is, but also fun.

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