Do you remember the 8-year-old boy who took care of his sick mother by himself? Today he is 23
years old

A few years ago, the story of a young boy, Vlad, who was from Dobryananka, was spread in all Russian
and foreign media. People all over the world were surprised. The schoolboy runs a farm on his own and
even manages to take care of his semi-disabled mother. As often happens in the god-forsaken
wilderness, a few years after his son’s birth, Vlad’s father became a drug addict. The boy’s mother,
Tatyana Kudryashova, did not tolerate her husband’s beatings and left him.

Then, together with the small child, the woman settled in an old wooden hut — they had nowhere else to
live. The life of their small family could not be called good, but they were by each other’s side, and that
was enough for them. But when Vlad turned 8 years old, disaster visited their home — his wife suffered
a stroke. At that time, Vlad’s father was no longer alive. He died in a fire. So the 8-year-old boy was left
alone with his misery. But the stubborn and strong minor child did not want to submit to the fate of the
villain and leave his mother in trouble. He, like a real man, began to do everything to stand on his feet.

The neighbor of the family played an important role in this matter, who took custody of Vlad and solved
all the problems with the local guardianship authorities. Information about Vlad began to appear in the
media when he was already 16 years old. The boy’s story did not leave indifferent even fat officials. Just
think that all this year the boy himself cooked, cleaned, lit the stove, and also fed, bathed and dressed
his sick mother. Even when Tatiana became completely ill, and she stopped even speaking, the boy did
not give up. Every evening, armed with books, she sat beside him and taught him to read and pronounce
sounds again.

Unfortunately, in Tatiana’s case, there was no question of full treatment, because it costs a lot of
money, which the family simply did not have. However, Vlad did everything in his power to prevent
Tatiana’s condition from getting worse. Later, his efforts were rewarded. Mother began to speak again,
although worse than before. The most interesting thing is that with all this, Vlad did not forget himself.
The boy is making serious progress in the sports arena as well.

Everything changed in Vlad’s personal life as well. The boy met Nastya at school. Today the young man is
already 23 years old. The family moved from a shack to an apartment donated by officials, and many
well-wishers even now continue to provide Kudryashov with financial support. Vlad continues to
tirelessly seek a brighter future for himself and his family. A kind, brave and hardworking boy is sure that
everything will be fine with his mother. And his story will forever remain in the hearts of people,
terrifying and joyful at the same time.

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