I gave my baby to my neighbor for money. Here’s what they did next

I lived alone and was not married. I got pregnant from my friend, and when he found out about it, he just left me and left. while I thought everything was serious with us…

I was only 19, not working, and my parents would never accept that kid

There was a couple in our neighborhood who had been unable to conceive a child for 15 years despite various treatments. One day, that woman and I got into a conversation, I told everything that I wanted to get rid of the child, and she asked me not to do such a thing, told me to have the child and give it to them in exchange for money. I really needed money, I agreed. I gave it to them after the baby was born.
Actually, I thought that we are neighbors, I will see how my child grows up from the side, I will approach, talk, play with him and I also told my neighbor about all that and do you know what they did? sold their apartment and left.

Years have passed and my efforts to find them are in vain. I don’t know where they are, whether they are in Armenia or have left the country. I only know one thing that I regret what I did and I would give anything to turn back time.

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