Tell me, how can I find a husband? ..

My name is Natalya. I am 36 years old and very lonely. I don’t like my job: it’s very boring. I work in a
women’s team. Young girls are waiting for Friday evening to go somewhere and relax. And my peers run
to their families. And I return to my apartment, where no one is waiting for me, except for the hamster

I don’t like cats, but the dog needs to be walked. And I love to sleep.

I was raised by my grandmother. My parents drank and died early. My grandmother never told me
anything about how to start a family. She only taught me to keep the apartment in order and taught me
how to cook delicious food.

And when I turned 18, I started dating guys. But the grandmother chased them all away. She said that I
was still small.

Then I also met guys, but already in secret from my grandmother.

And then all the men who showed me signs of attention, and who liked me, began to dislike me. I
thought they weren’t good enough for me.

And my grandmother was happy about it. She was glad that I would not leave her and that I would
always be by her side.

But four years ago my grandmother died. I was left all alone. For three whole years I could not come to
my senses and got used to living alone. But it’s still very hard for me.

My family members don’t like me. The fact is that my grandmother bequeathed her apartment only to

Then my girlfriends and I went to restaurants to meet men, but we were not lucky.

We realized that meeting in a restaurant would not end well.

Then we went to the gym and to the pool, but even there we were not lucky.

I even went camping with my friends and lived in a tent city. But there all the men get drunk. I was
afraid to contact any of them at all.

Then I started meeting men on the Internet. They showed great interest in me when they found out that
I was alone and I had an apartment. But I don’t need gigolos.

So far I have not met a normal man. I don’t know how to flirt, I don’t know how to say what men want
to hear.

And I really want true love and affection.

Tell me, what can I do to find a good husband?

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