This woman did not drink water for a whole year, replacing it with only natural juice — this is what led to it

Bali seemed to be a place comparable to paradise. And many people think that the natives there look divine. However, Sophie Patrick could not boast of this difference. For a long time the girl suffered from swelling, skin insufficiency, terrible hair. By changing his diet, the situation partially changed for the better, however, not all the problems disappeared.

Sophie went to many doctors, underwent various examinations, passed tests. All the results turned out to be normal, the specialists washed their hands. The only thing doctors suggested was surgery to tighten the skin around the eyes.

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The rescuer turned out to be a yoga teacher with whom Sophie did systematic exercises. He advised the student to replace the water to quench his thirst with natural juices or coconut water. He assured that this is an effective way, he will certainly help him. Sophie listened to the instructor and did not miss the opportunity.

Relatives and close friends initially ridiculed him, claiming that water was the best guarantee of life on earth. However, the experiment quickly yielded positive results. First, after a few months, the fragility under the eyes disappeared. In addition, Sophie’s skin improved, her hair looked healthier and silkier. Many of my friends have noticed that the girl is younger. He even removed some wrinkles.

I wonder what the secret is? Sophie eats a lot of berries, juices and fruits, all this replaces ordinary water. Athletes call this food «dehydration», when no fluid enters the body it gradually expands the body’s water supply. This is how Sophie lived this year, and now she has no intention of leaving such a regime. After all, he feels great, younger, more energetic.

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