When the Wedding Was Over, the Father Secretly Went to His Daughter Asked to Return Home ․ Everyone present was holding their breath, waiting for the Daughter to respond

Angela was 26 years old. He lived separately from his parents in a rented apartment, he did not depend on his parents, sometimes he received help from them. She found out she was pregnant. The problem was one: the beloved was married. His faith did not allow him to leave the family, but he seriously said that if Angela had a child, he would adopt and raise her. As he was convinced, admired by his beloved

on the news of pregnancy, but the parents. Mom and Dad were conservative Armenians. In addition to Angela, they had one daughter, one son. When the father found out about the pregnancy, he became furious and set a condition. He either gets rid of the child or does not set foot in his father’s house. Angela insisted she wanted the baby. Then the father said that he did not want to know him anymore

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և his unborn child, that he has no other daughter! Mother tried to calm her father down, but to no avail. He forbade everyone to remember Angela’s name in his presence. Angela’s daughter was born. The girl was growing up active and beautiful. He was loved by all his relatives except his grandfather, who did not even want to see his grandson. When the baby was two years old, Angela

The brother decided to get married. Angela decided not to attend the wedding in order not to spoil her brother’s holiday, as she knew that her father would be furious with her presence. But the brother, against his father’s will, brought the sister to his wedding personally. A little girl with curly hair and eyes was running in the hall. No matter how hard my grandfather tried to ignore me, he did not succeed. Angela kept turning so as not to lose sight of her daughter. Turning again, he could not believe his eyes. The little boy was sitting in his grandfather’s arms, something was chirping happily. Grandpa was just delighted with her. Tears welled up in Angela’s eyes. He waited a long time for that moment. After the wedding, the father approached Angela and asked her to return home. This is how the impregnable wall called Pride և Shame came to be, which has caused misery for many, how many hearts have been broken because of it

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