My mother was my grandmother. She raised me and raised me

My mother gave birth to me at the age of 17. But she did not marry, and she had no desire to raise me. That’s why she left me to her grandmother, and she just left in search of a better life.

At that moment, my grandmother Katya was 40 years old. She worked and no decree was given to her. With great difficulty, my grandmother placed me in a nursery. She worked and raised me at the same time.

Of course, it was very difficult for my grandmother, but she treated me well, and I had everything.

Then I grew up, graduated from high school and graduated from college. Then I started dating a guy.

Everything was great for me. My grandmother always supported and helped me in everything. She has replaced my mother.

And then disaster struck: my grandmother fell ill and died six months later. For me, her death was a terrible blow: after all, my most beloved and close person in the world died.

It’s good that my boyfriend and friends supported me.

I slowly, but still, came to my senses.

And then one day my mother appeared on the threshold of my apartment. How she learned about her grandmother’s death, I don’t even know.

It turns out that she came to become the owner of her grandmother’s apartment. But an unpleasant surprise awaited her, and she came in vain. The fact is that my grandmother, when she started to get sick, wrote a deed of gift on me.

At first, my mother tried to talk to me in a nice way. Then she started yelling at me. And then she even threatened me with a lawsuit. But I’m old enough to defend myself and that’s why I kicked my mom and her husband out of my apartment.

And then I married Oleg. We sold my grandmother’s apartment and generally moved to live in another city.

I often visit my grandmother’s grave. I always mentally consult with her when I don’t know what to do better.

I miss her so much…

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