I was too worried that I would not have a home. As a result, I no longer have him, like my son.

Lena raised her children on her own. She dreamed that in the future her sons would not try to look for girls for themselves and create their own families, but would live with her until the end of their lives, because Lena simply hated loneliness. If her sons met with someone, then she did not see anything terrible in this, but if something serious was planned, then Lena immediately began to do everything so that her sons would stop dating these girls.

At such moments she pretended to be very ill and she needed help from the children. The girls did not like the fact that one of my sons spent more time with me than with them, and therefore they quickly left him. And then the eldest son met some kind of Angelina and their relationship had already lasted more than six months, and he did not leave his girlfriend when her mother said that she felt bad.

The eldest son began to answer that he was not the only one in the family and that his brother, who was still studying at the university, could still help. Also, the character of this girl was quite good, so we can say that the eldest son fell in love with her immediately. She then herself said that she would look after the mother of her future husband, because this way you can improve relations between relatives, but Lena did not like this idea at all.

It began to seem to Lena that this girl even began to meet with her son on purpose, in order to then get close to Lena herself and somehow get her three-room apartment. Lena deliberately behaved in such a way that her future daughter-in-law began to hate her even more, because she could not allow her son to leave somewhere with his wife.

The daughter-in-law was quite restrained and their relationship with Lena’s eldest son only grew stronger. As a result, after a year and a half of relationship, they signed and no matter how much Lena asked her son not to leave her, he still moved with his wife to a rented apartment. During the wedding, they were presented with a lot of money and they were already planning to take housing on a mortgage, but Lena was not present at their wedding, and later she cut off all ties with her eldest son altogether.

She had only one son left, who needed to finish his last year at the university, and then look for a job, but Lena was worried that he would leave her just like her eldest son. When he also had a girlfriend, he tried as much as possible to hide the fact that he was meeting with someone and said that he was just walking with classmates. And the money that the youngest son already received at work was almost completely spent on his girlfriend, and the mother began to suspect something.

Then Lena had big problems with money due to the fact that her pension was very small, and she couldn’t support herself on a couple of thousand, and in the end she sold her house, and then bought a smaller apartment so that she had enough for the next five years of money. Suddenly, the daughter-in-law and the eldest son wanted to resume communication with Lena, who said that they could help Lena with money, only she needed to move to a one-room apartment, and the other son and his wife would rent and receive money from this in order to save up for an apartment faster. Lena thought that she would make a scandal here, because she had never seen such impudence and was not going to help her son’s family in any way, because it was their problem that they did not have enough money for rented housing. Although the eldest son promised that he would look after Lena until the end of his life, she did not trust him.

In the end, she had to put up with it, because there really wasn’t enough money for anything, and at that time the eldest son already had two children and they didn’t let her sleep early in the morning. She wanted to drive her son and his wife out of the apartment, but, unfortunately, it was no longer even her apartment and she copied it to her son.

Some time later, Elena had a stroke, but none of the sons wanted to help, because the mother interfered with their normal life and constantly made scandals, demanding that her sons divorce their wives and start caring for her. As a result, only the daughter-in-law called an ambulance, but for the next few months no one visited the old woman, and her son lived in her apartment with his children and wife, he did not care about his mother and the second child at that time went abroad, did not want to communicate with his mother either .

Lena was left completely alone and realized that because of her character, now none of her sons would help her. Over time, the eldest son felt sorry for his mother and he began to give money for treatment, but he did not visit his mother, because he was very angry with her because of the words that she told him all the time. When Lena fully recovered, she came back to the apartment with her eldest son, but now she didn’t say anything and just behaved like a gray mouse. She was grateful that at least someone helped her in such a situation.

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