It seems to strangers that I am the grandmother of my child… It happened for the first time after the birth of my second son…

This is the first time this has happened since the birth of my second son. It happened at the passport office when we went to register my son. The worker handed over the documents and asked my husband why the grandmother had brought the child. My husband looked surprised and replied that I was the mother of the child.

Frankly, I did not like it. I came home, looked in the mirror. I saw a tired, fat woman with big circles and wrinkles under her eyes…

I have to accept my appearance.

Since then I have been confused with my grandmother again, but it does not hurt me as much as before.

But now I have another problem. My husband is two years younger than me, he manages to train and follow him. Now I’m like our little son’s grandmother, and my husband seems to be the same age as our eldest son.

I’m afraid he might leave me, but I can not change anything at the moment.

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