In your opinion, which woman does the man in the picture like? The correct answer is here

Why are women afraid to take the first step in love? They are probably afraid that their feelings are not mutual. In that case, if you pay attention to body language, you will understand a lot.

We suggest you test your gesture reading skills to be able to solve this interesting problem. Which woman does a man like?

Here is the picture you have to look at and answer which of the 3 women attracted the man in the picture the most.

Be careful, the answer is hidden in the details.

According to Allan Pease in his book Sign Language, there are many signs that a man has a hidden interest in a woman.

Some of the gestures are widened cheeks, hands on the waist, etc. But everything is different when several women are present.

In fact, even in this case, there are signs of betrayal

Look at the picture, pay attention to the direction of the front of the man’s shoes. According to Piz, this is how a man’s body shows the woman he is most interested in at that moment.

It turns out that when a man likes a woman, he unconsciously turns his body towards her, or he can put his foot forward, also in the direction of the woman.

In our test case, №3 is the girl.

Did you guess?

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