I’m so offended by my mother-in-law ․․․ he brought a gift for his son’s birthday to humiliate me ․․․

My mother-in-law brought my husband as a nice gift, but it hurt me terribly… I think no one would like this ․․․

It was my husband’s birthday a few days ago. We only invited our relatives and parents. My husband’s mother, my dear mother-in-law, had prepared such a gift, which at first sight is quite innocent and pleasant. It was a photo album with photos printed in it. In those pictures was my husband’s whole life story.

We have been married for 4 years, everyone thinks we are a perfect couple. My husband’s parents never treated me badly, but that day I learned that they still remember and love their ex-fiancée.

We opened the album you started browsing. On the first pages were pictures of a newborn baby, then the period of attending kindergarten… Everything was very impressive, except for one detail. I was in 3-4 pictures, where I did not even look normal,, but instead they collected the pictures of my husband’s ex-wife…

It was horrible for me that my husband’s parents ignored my presence.

If only my husband’s relatives were in the pictures, I might not be offended, but there were many pictures with friends, different relatives, not to mention my ex-wife… I did not understand why they did not put them in my pictures.

I did not say anything to them, but I talked to my husband. And he tries to justify his parents.

Will I act like a scumbag if I talk to them directly?

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